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It is a mission of the Scottish Enduro Series to seek out outstanding new venues and to increase the knowledge of great riding locations throughout Scotland. 

The POC Scottish Enduro Series, has now delivered a wonderfully successful three years and the series continues to go from strength to strength.

In terms of topography and environment, Scotland has a lot to offer and this immediately gives the Scottish Series a competitive edge against any other UK based series outside Scotland.

The Scottish Enduro Series success has been built on successful positive partnerships across the industry, destinations, land owners and managers as well as the enthusiasts and clubs associated with the venues in 2019 we will continue to work with all stakeholders to ensure the best possible riding experience for all partuicipants.

Throughout 2019 we will continue to work with destinations to ensure that Scottish enduro participants get the best possible and informed experience of the area, whilst ensuring that local businesses are afforded the opportunity to maximize the economic impact of the series.

For participants, we know that  its all about the riding experience, as event orginisers the challenge is to find a range and variety of challenges across the series but also across the each of the five event venues. In 2019 we will continue to use the Sportident Air System at all of the series events and continue to use a format style aligned with the EWS with practice on the Saturday and racing on the Sunday. By providing a balanced mixture of technical, physical and enjoyable stages and with the focus on fun and the enjoyment of riding bikes with like minded people whilst presenting a professionally run, competitive and safe races, its clear why many regard the series as the UKs premier enduro  series.

Prices for the 2019 series are TBC per Enduro or TBC for Short Course option, if you enter all five events you will get a TBC Discount ( Please note numbers on this offer are limited.)

For 2019 there will be mandotory kit list prior to races and there will be random checks on race day and practice day.

No Fuss Events

Round 1 Scottish Enduro Series - Laggan Wolftrax

Event Date: 13/4/2019 - 14/4/2019

Wolftrax is a firm favourite with the Scottish Enduro Series, the sheer variety of trails, always makes for a great event and a great  race. Participants should  expect some long stages that will test stamina  and a riders  ability to carry speed all the way to the end, Wolftrax of course wouldnt be complete  without  some  natural gold and some superbly slippery descents. In 2018 the POC Scottish Enduro Series turned it up to 11 in the spiritual homeland of burly Scottish slabs, Laggan Wolftrax. The woods thundered with the sounds of whoops of joy and clanging rims as racers merrily hammered their wheels into squares, who will be victorious in the legendary venue in 2019.

You can read the 2018 race report here.

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Getting Here

You can get  directions to Laggan Wolftrax here


For  further information about parking and the cafe please click here

Please also be aware that there is plenty of space at Laggan however we would ask riders if the need space  for easy ups and tents etc that the set up away from the main parking area.

Accommodation & Camping

For accomadation options  and attractions  please visit here

Round 2 - Innerleithen

Event Date: 18/5/2019 - 19/5/2019

We are delighted to be returning to Innerleithen  after amazing  visits in 2017 and 2018 we are going big in 2019. We will once again be working closely with Forestry Commission Scotland  and the local riding community to ensure that we can can access the very best stages that the area has to offer.   Every destination claims to be  “World Class” these days.  Innerleithen, Tweed Valley and the Scottish Enduro Series are helping maintain  this claim by hosting the second round of the EWS European series in 2019.

Already a legendary venue with a big reputation  Round 2  of these series it is bound to be awesome, with some of Scotland steepest and toughest trails to draw from, racers are in for a treat, and can expect some unexpected challenges just to raise the heart rate. In 2018 it was a great day consisting of 1800 m of climbing,  some tough stages, over 20 minutes of timed descents  and a thoroughly enjoyable couple of days enjoying  this amazing village based venue, with stages on both sides of the  valley riders can once again prepare to be embraced and welcomed to this enduro community!

Non UK Nationals are strongly advised to purchase medical insurance to cover hospital treatment and repatriation !!

You can read the 2018 race report here

What do we have in store For 2019?

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Getting Here

For directions to Innerleithen please click here, all you have to do is put in your location and  full info is provided.


For 2019 the event will be based at Victoria Park. Parking details will be isssed closer to the event.

Accommodation & Camping

For a  full list of accomadation , attractions etc please click here

Round 3 - Kinlochleven

Event Date: 15/6/2019 - 16/6/2019

We are delighted that we will be in Kinlochleven for 2019,  after the successs of the venue and the amazing feedback from riders over the years. We know that everyone  enjoys the stages  and that real mountain feel that you get in Kinlochleven and in the Highlands.  We are doubally delighted that this round will be the Round 4 of the BEMBA Championships  a real fitting  venue for this all new national series. 

Where else would you want to be in June other than the Outdoor Capital of the UK?

We look forward to welcoming all riders to the Highlands and with some great feedback from delighted riders at the Scottish Enduro Championships in 2018 and to be honest we believe that Kinlochleven is a venue fitting of a championship round! The big mountain stages are indeed  going to be a great and give the national series breadth and depth.

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Round 4 - Pitfichie

Event Date: 27/7/2019 - 28/7/2019

This will be the series third consecutive visit to Pitfichie, where as we discovered in 2017 and 2018 the trails  are  varied forest and open Grampian hill tops, with wide views of the Vale of Alford and Bennachie.  We will again be working with local riders and  Forestry Commision  Scotland  to ensure  some great riding experiences, riders should expect to find exciting rides (good hard pedals) through real countryside on a red-grade trail across granite hill tops, as well as a challenging downhill route.

We will again be working with the  Monymusk community to ensure there is the same great vib for this race. Race HQ will be in the village hall again for 2018.

2017 Race report here

Getting Here

For directions to Monymusk,  click here


For 2018 we have  an field  for event parking, directions will be  issued nearer the time.

Accommodation & Camping

Places to stay? click here

Round 5 - Nevis Range Fort William

Event Date: 12/10/2019 - 13/10/2019

We are delighted that this venue will once again be the final round to what promises to be an amazing series in 2019.

The final round of the Scottish Enduro Series (round  5) will be based  at the big 2018 venue, Nevis Range, Fort William. The destination is widely heralded as the ‘Outdoor Capital of the UK’ and home of the world renowned World Cup Downhill, in recent years the racing at the Scottish Enduro Series at this venue has been nothing less than scintillating 2018 went higher on the mountain than any race before it, 2019 is already looking very exciting for this race.

In 2019 riders can again expect big mountain riding experiences, from open hillside to tight and steep forest stages. Using the unique Gondola access opens the race to a  variety of stages at Nevis Range, which will give riders a much more three dimensional view of what mountain biking is on offer here.

Working with  the local riding community, Forestry Commision Scotland, SNH and other landowners we are sure that this event will be one of the big races of  the year.

Non UK Nationals are strongly advised to purchase medical insurance to cover hospital treatment and repatriation !!

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Getting Here

Nevis Range is 7 miles north of Fort William on the A82.

From the South - follow the A82 straight through Fort William and follow the signs for Inverness.  Continue out of Fort William for approx 6 miles.  Nevis Range is up an tarmac access road on your right - look for the brown tourist signs.

From the North - Nevis Range is 5 miles south of Spean Bridge on the A82.  The junction to the access road is on your left.

Full details are here.


Accommodation & Camping

All yer need will be met here

The Rules

General Information

  • The number of participants in every event will be fixed in advance and will be communicated via this website.
  • The Series is open to all riders over the age 14 on the 1st of January 2019. 
  • You do not need a license to race in the series.
  • Please read these rules, ride hard and have fun!

Enduro Categories

Junior Male:  must be at least 14 on January the first 2019. if a rider becomes 19 in 2019 then they must be classed as a senior
Junior Female: must be at least 14 on January the first 2019,  if a junior female becomes 22 in 2019 then they must be classed as senior female.   

Sen Male: must be 18 on the 1st of January 2019

Sen Female:  must 21 on the 1st of January 2019

Master Male: must be 29 on the 1st of January 2019

Vet Male: must be 39 on the 1st of January 2019

Master Female: must 35 on the 1st of January 2019

Grand Vet: must be 49 on the 1st of January 2019

Super grand Vet: must be 59 on the 1st of January 2019

Hardtail Men

Elite this category is open to all Male and Female  riders competing for cash prizes.  Please note like all other categories if there are less than six riders the category will automatically be merged into the next category.

If there are less than five in any category  then the category will be absorbed into the category below.

Short Course Option  

The short course option is for riders who are perhaps new to Enduro and want to give it a try, for riders who  feel they can have a greater  enjoyment of the event and not have to ride the full distance etc. The  short course option  is not a championship within the series, podiums will be awarded to the categories below at  each round. Where possible the short course option will avoid the most technical challenges.

Junior Male:  must be at least 14 on January the first 20189, if a rider becomes 19 in 2019 then they must be classed as a senior

Junior Female: must be at least 14 on January the first 2109, if a junior female becomes 22 in 2019 then they must be classed as senior female.

Male: must be 18 on the 1st of January 2019

Female: must 21 on the 1st of January 2019

Podium and prizes

Prizes at the Scottish Enduro Series are sponsored by  (To be announced shortly)

  • Riders who finish in the top three in their category are expected, where possible, to attend the podium presentation.
  • Podiums and prize presentation will be as soon as possible after the last rider is finished on race day Sundays.

Bike and personal equipment

  • The courses are designed to suit a mid-travel trail bike, not specific xc or dh bikes.
  • Riders should use the same frame, fork and wheels during a whole event.
  • Different bikes can be used for separate events.
  • Bikes may be scrutinised before departing to ride the course.
  • All bikes must have bar plugs and be in perfect working order.
  • The race directors have the right to deny entry to the event if they feel a bike is not of a suitable standard.
  • Riders must wear a certified helmet (xc or full face) at all times, including transfer sections. Riders found not wearing a helmet may be disqualified.
  • Whilst not mandatory, gloves, knee, elbow and back protection are strongly recommended.
  • For safety reasons the it is expected that at a Scottish enduro race  that it will be mandatory that ALL riders carry a water/windproof jacket and first aid kit. No rider will be allowed to leave the start line without the mandatory  equipment. Any exceptions to the  mandatory equipment will be announced at the rider briefing. All riders must attend an event prepared.

    Each rider must be self-sufficient during the entire duration of the race  Personal responsibility and self-sufficiency are a large part of the spirit of enduro racing and riders are encouraged to carry adequate equipment for operating in mountainous environments. Each rider should remember that they are solely responsible for themselves but are urged to help other competitors on course.

    Riders must be prepared to carry sufficient water to last a minimum of 2 hours of racing between water stops. Although water may be available more frequently that this at many events, no rider should assume so and therefore must be prepared to keep themselves hydrated for a minimum of 2 hours of riding.

  • Each competitor should be completely self-sufficient. It is expected that each rider carries the following items:

    Mobile phone. An emergency contact number will be provided at registration.
    Basic first aid kit (Minimum: 1 x Dressing Bandage with Pad for heavy bleeding (field dressing); Triangular  bandage, Emergency Blanket a selection of plasters and a whistle.)
    Wind/Waterproof top. In the case of a medical evacuation it may take time to get all resources to an injured rider and therefore it is essential that individuals have clothing appropriate for Scottish weather conditions.
    Bike repair kit (tube, tyre leavers, pump or CO2 canisters, allen keys, chain tool).
    Whistle in case you go over a banking, break a leg and no one can see you.
    Sufficient food and water to meet your individual energy needs for 2 hours of riding.
    Sunscreen and insect repellent depending on the season.
    PLEASE NOTE: For 2019 there will be random kit checks  on both practice day and race day.  Any rider deemed to be ill prepared will be asked to return to race HQ. Once race HQ is satisfied that kit is sufficient then the participant may rejoin the event. Time penalties will be applied on race day.

  • Any participant at a No Fuss or Scottish Enduro Event who fails a concussion assessment by a qualified medical practitioner, during that event, will be removed from the practice session or the race with immediate effect.  Further more the participant will be prohibited from further participation in any No Fuss or Scottish Enduro event until cleared in writing by a doctor to resume such activity. Should a concussion be confirmed by a medical doctor, the athlete is responsible for completing a ‘graduated return to activity’ plan.

    During all No fuss and SES events, medical staff may collect preliminary rider injury and illness data, in order to monitor the magnitude of issues that occur. As part of a rider’s participation this will include a rider’s medical data should any rider sustain an injury (or illness) during a No Fuss or SES event.

    No rider will not be identifiable at any stage during any collection of this data, and any data collected on a rider will be  kept strictly confidential at all times. The information gathered may be used by the No Fuss and SES to help guide and direct future rider health and injury/illness prevention initiatives. A rider does not need to do anything as part of this data collection.

Course Hazards

  • The course may have narrow sections and exposed rocks, steep climbs and descents and will not suitable for beginners.
  • Potholes, rocks, rutted tracks, steep descents, banks etc are all part of what is required to be negotiated by the competitor. When you are in this environment YOU are the person primarily responsible for your own safety. Any hazards outside of those expected will be identified and marked accordingly to ensure your safety.
  • It is the duty of each competitor to assist any other competitor who appears to be injured or in difficulty and to possibly alert the race director.  Should you stop to help an injured rider you will be granted the option of repeating the stage.

The Course

  • The Scottish Enduro Series races take place on a circuit marked with a variable number of mostly uphill transfer stages and mostly downhill timed stages. Riders must complete the timed stages in ascending order, 1 then 2 etc, unless otherwise instructed by the race organiser.
  • All riders must follow the marked transition routes.  
  • In the interest of safety there will be a cut off time to complete the whole event. Riders will be notified of this at the race briefing on the morning of the event.
  • The course will be marked with signs and tape.  Where a course is double taped you must ride between the tape.  Anything else is placed as a guideline as to the direction of the course.
  • If a Rider exits the timed stage course, he/she must re-enter at the same point and, if altered, restore the tape as he/she found it.
  • Riders cannot repeat any stage even if they suffer a mechanical failure on course.
  • Practice is only allowed the day before the race, once the course details are released. Any rider found on a marked trail before this may not be allowed to take part in the event. The race director reserves the right to disqualify  any rider  ricing the stages outwith the 1000 until 1600 practice times on Saturday.
  • Riders are encouraged at all times to ride trails in the way they have been designed to be ridden, blatant disregard to this rule could lead to disqualification.

Riders should and should not

  • Riders should not leave any rubbish along the route. ALL food wrappers, drink bottles, tubes etc must please be carried to the finish line and not discarded anywhere along the route. Anyone seen discarding rubbish will be disqualified and will not receive a time or position as applicable (take memories or photos, but leave only tyre marks).
  • Riders should not modify race number plates.
  • Competitors should read the pre-race course briefing notes supplied at registration.
  • Competitors should obey instructions from Marshals at all times. They are there for everyone’s safety and enjoyment.
  • Any Rider withdrawing from the event should notify the race office as soon as possible,and hand back their timing chip.
  • Every competitor should adapt his/her speed and his/her behaviour to his/her personal abilities, his/her equipment and to the general conditions the event is raced in.
  • Each Rider authorises the use of any images or videos taken during the event he/she may be appearing in.


  • Registration for all events will open as directed on this website.
  • Entry to Scottish Enduro Series races cost £62 per round. (Please note it is likely there will be additional charge for Round 6 to cover uplift costs.)
  • On registering, each Rider agrees to the rules of the event.
  • All riders MUST sign the Statement of  Responsibility .
  • Entry for each event closes one week prior to the event, if not full before then.
  • Entries are non-refundable less than four weeks from the event. It is also not possible to transfer entries to any other events, next year’s event, or a different Rider.  All refunds are subject to a £7 admin charge
  • Registration and payment will be made online.
  • For the registration the Rider will have to inform an on-line form concerning his names, first names, age, gender and address.
  • The registration will be validated only after the payment of the fees on the registration website. 
  • Details of the course will not be made known before the event.
  •  The  location of the First Aid Base  at race headquarters.


Provisional results will be posted as soon as possible after the event.  Any queries must be expressed by e mail by 12noon on the Monday following the event.

  • Timing will be conducted by No Fuss Events using a SportIdent Air system.
  • All categories will choose their start times on Saturday.  Choose who you want to ride with and what time you want to get up! Only Elite  riders will be allocated  start times and overall course times.
  • After leaving the event village Riders can start each timed stage as soon as they reach the start line.  There are no start times or running order, but there will be minimum 20 second time intervals between each Rider starting a timed stage.
  • You are responsible for your timing chip !! Please look after these - lost or broken timing chips will cost you £60 to replace.

 Responsibilities of Riders

  • The Scottish Enduro Series organisers shall not be held liable in any way for any loss, damage or accidents that may occur during any of the events. Riders are aware that cycling is potentially dangerous.
  • Penalties and complaints:
  • No external assistance is permitted on the track, assistance is only allowed in the pits area. Assistance outside the pits area will incur in a time penalty.
  • If a Rider catches up with a slower Rider on course, he/she should let the faster Rider past as quickly as possible.  Failure to do so will result in a 30 second penalty.  The faster Rider should give lots of warning and clear directions as to which side they will pass on.  Aggressive or impatient behavior from the faster Rider may also result in a 30 second time penalty.  Play fair.
  • Any complaints about the race should be done formally to the race office within 15 minutes of the end of the Rider’s race.
  • Any complaints about the results should be done formally to the race office within 24hrs of result's publication.
  • Any dangerous or disrespectful behaviour against other racers, marshals, nature, trails or spectators will lead to a time penalty depending of the level of the fault. Race director can also decide to disqualify the Rider.


  • The timed stages are counted to establish the ranking. Winner of the event will be the rider with the lowest overall time to complete all the stages.
  • In the event of a tie, the rider with the fastest time on the final stage of the event will be the winner.
  • A scratch ranking and by category ranking will be established. 
  • Points will be assigned for each event as according to the Points Table.
  • Overall ranking will be based on the 4 best results from the 6 races of the series.
  • In the case of an overall points tie in any category, positions for those with equal overall points will be based on who has the best position in any event of the series. If there is still a tie, then the positions are based on who has the second best event and so on.
  • To be eligible for an overall series trophy all riders must have completed at least 4 events.