POC Scottish Enduro

The POC Scottish Enduro Series Ambassadors are a key element in the continuation and development of  Enduro in Scotland - giving participants across all of the categories an opportunity to contribute and discuss their experiences using  this conduit between organisers and riders.

Frazer Coupland  said “We were delighted that in 2016 the experienced Ambassadors, were able to make a meaningful and important contribution to the series and in turn the future development of racing in Scotland. By having ambassadors, all riders had access them, out on the course - to ride with, to discuss and share their thoughts on the way the event and the series was running and is evolving - individuals will have an opportunity to reflect on their interests and abilities, and we will get first hand feedback from the experts on the ground.”

Spook Munro from the series said “Whilst we think we know what the riders want, we need to listen and we constantly need to try and improve. The competition is not between the organizer and the rider, it between the riders.”

With this in mind it is hoped that all participants will take time to engage with Ambassadors, whether it be to ask for advice, give feedback or just for a bit of “craic and banter”. The Series Ambassadors will promote Scottish Enduro, and motivate and inspire other people to get involved in enduro whilst racing, riding and enjoying doing something that we love, riding our bikes.

Introducing the Ambassadors 2017

Hello, my name is Angus Hardie, I am 19 years of age and I come from the Scottish Borders. I am an avid lover of back wheel and love riding my bike  whether it's downhill, Enduro or skatepark. I ride and work for Hardies Bikes Melrose.

Hey, I'm Nic Fell and have been loving riding bikes for the last 8 or so years. I've been racing the SES for the last 3 years and I'm the better half of Felldoon Racing, my main man Mikey Muldoon making up the other half of oor wee team! I love Enduro and I'm stoked to be an ambassador for the SES again this year. Can't wait to catch everyone for some banter at the races.

My name is Lewis Buchanan and I am a professional Enduro racer onboard the Trek Factory Racing Enduro team. It's a pleasure to be on the ambassador program again & help grow the sport & the series. I'm excited to return to racing at round 1. I look forward to seeing you all there and be sure to come have a chat.

Hi folks. My name's Mikey Muldoon and I make up one half of Felldoon Racing. I like nothing better than Enduro racing or being out in the real mountains on my Nomad.  I'm honoured to be an ambassador for the #ukpremierenduroseries and look forward to catching you all between the tape.🤘

I’m Janey Kennedy a part time café worker and mountain bike guide for Go Where Scotland living in the Tweed Valley. Last year was my first time racing a full season of enduro and I loved every minute of it. I’m now on a new training programme working with Phil Mack from Peebles Physio and am really looking forward to seeing the improvements this season once I’m recovered from my broken wrist, but in the meantime I’m putting in the miles on the turbo!

HI I am Callum McCubbing, I have been racing the series for three years now, moving from 2 years of senior and onto my second year of elite. This year I'm looking forward to see what the 2017 series brings. It will be great to see the framiliar faces from years of racing, and the new ones who are stoked on their first time between the tape! Catch you all at sign on at round one !  

My name is Louise Ferguson, I am 20 years old and live in Fort William. Mountain biking is what gets me through my studies and takes me to some amazing places. I love a good natural trail and hope to one day master being in the air. The steed of choice is an indestructible Trek remedy 8. I'm always up for a chat, usually seen from afar by my wild hair so please feel free to say hi next time I'm passing.

 My name is Gary Forrest and Ive been riding bikes for 17 years.  Started off just playing in the woods with my pals doing skids and turn bars, and just progressed from there to racing DH world cups and now EWS.  I'm now eligible to race in the Master category which is crazy as I use to slag the old boys off. Can't wait to get stuck in to the SES this year.