10 Under the Ben

Participant Notes

Its 10 Under Time

Its all getting rather exciting.

With only 5 more sleeps. We thought we should give you the latest information.

First and foremost,  thanks to you all for getting involved in 10 Under the Ben. We believe that 10 Under is Scotland's original and best race of it type, we are pretty sure 2017 will fantastic.

Here is (hopefully) everything you need to know about the weekend.  If we have missed anything, or you want more info, send me a wee message to info  @nofussevents.co.uk, or give us a ring in the office on 01397 772899 and we will try our best to help.

The weather is looking dry to fair with only small amounts of precipitation forecast, so we think you should would come prepared for rain and sun!  Today in Fort William the hills are looking a wee bit like winter on the hill but its dry. Don't worry about the midge  repellent or nets they haven't arrived back from wherever they go for the winter. Yahooooooo!

We hope that you are all looking forward to the weekend and perhaps even a wee reflective beer on Saturday night!  See you all at registration.

Nevis Range is situated 4 miles north of Fort William on the A82, and around 7 miles south of Spean Bridge on the A82.  

For the ease of parking and the smooth running of the event for everyone could we please request the following.

If you have a motorhome  or a caravan  please can you purchase a ticket from the shop on the website. Caravans and Motorhomes will be situated in the  over spill car park at Nevisrange. (The one over the wee bridge Marked on map  above.)

If you staying in a van  or in an easy up you will be asked to park in the main car parking area at  Nevisrange and again we request that you buy a ticket from the shop on the website (marked above)


Whilst there are a limited number of camping pitches around the arena  these will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

Please note that while we try and facilitate requests, HOWEVER from 0700 on the Saturday of the event, parking will be done systematically (that is no looking for your mates, going to space you reserved last night etc). Please be courteous to parking staff at all times.

Please note that security staff have been instructed no pass, no overnight pitches and also the old “frazer said "routine will not work.

As always, please listen to the parking staff so that we can get you all in. You will notice from the map above that the course for solo riders will go through the car parking area, this will facilitate  solo riders to get to their pit more easily. This section of the car park is for  solo riders only.

10 Under the Ben is designed around a 10 mile course, it is expected that every rider will have enough , food, water, spares and clothing with them at all times whilst on course. There will be a  supply of water in the main registration area    at Nevisrange. The Pinemartin cafe will be open throughout the event and has a full a varied menu.

There will be a dedicated area for solo riders at transition and as you can see from the map above the course runs past all parking areas  so you should never be more that a few mins walk from the course to your vehicle at some point of your lap.

Just a wee friendly word on setting up your pits this year. We have become fairly relaxed with the size of pit spaces in the last few years, due to the smaller numbers of folk that we have had racing. However, we have a lot of you this year that will all want some space.

So, please can we ask you to help us out with this one?

Here's what to do: Please listen to the parking staff and don't be too afraid to get close to your neighbours!

Please try to keep your gazebos to a 3m x 3m size - if a few of you are sharing then a bigger one is acceptable.

Also, If we do ask you to squeeze in a bit, please don't be offended. Let's make sure everyone fits in and is comfortable.

Remember that  from 0700 on Saturday you will be parked systematically, please do not try and negotiate after 0700.

Thanks a lot folks.

Any team name/team size changes should now be made at registration. It  will not take long.

Registration will be from 18:00 until 21:00 on Friday 24th inside the Pinemartin Cafe

Also, for those arriving on Saturday morning, registration will be open from 06:30 until 08:15.

If you are part of a team, you will need to know  your Team Name for registration. The whole team does not have to come to sign on, but you must all read the Statement of Responsibility.  

If you are a solo, you need to know your Surname!


Timing will be run by Spook using the No Fuss SportIdent System.

You will be given your timing chip on Friday at Registration.  Teams will have one chip between them, which must be swapped between riders on each lap.

Chips can be worn on your wrist (easiest for solo's) or round your neck on a lanyard or piece of string (easiest for Teams). No Fuss don't have a supply of lanyards,  so bring your own if you wish to use this system.

It is your responsibility to remember your chip for the race and to dib each lap.  If you don't dib your lap won't count.


For dibbing information watch this video

Race Briefing and Start

This year's course is 10.06 miles long, with 1400ft of climbing.  The route will hark back to the old days with a lap around the Auction Mart and then a meandering course through Leanachan Forest with some new and old Witches Trails in there.

The first lap is slightly shorter.  

For the Start we will be starting at Nevis Range, heading out  the access road towards the Auction Mart and then ducking into the woods there.   You will follow the Trials bikes into the woods.  Please DO NOT pass the motorbikes until they peel off giving you a clear run.  We would also ask that the fastest people (it will be self seeded so put yourself where you think you should be) go to the front.

Race briefing will be at 08.45.  This is Mandatory for all solo's and at least one member of each team.  This will be in front of the Saddlespan.

Race start Line up will begin after the race briefing at around 09.00, ready for a 09.30 race start.


Please remember that there is a bike shop on site but it is not dedicated for event support, please ensure you have all you need , just in case.

We are still looking for a few marshals to make sure the event  runs sweetly , if you can help or know someone who can then please contact [email protected]

Looking forward to catching up with everyone for a cracking weekend.

Cheers from us at No Fuss