POC Scottish Enduro

 Since conception the POC Scottish Enduro Series have endorsed their ambassadors as  a key element in the development  of  Enduro in Scotland - the ambassador role give participants across all of the categories an opportunity to contribute and discuss their experiences with their peers, this conduit between organisers and riders allows for quick fixes, strategic changes and hearing a balanced view from the riding community.

Frazer Coupland  said “We have been delighted over the last few  years  the experienced ambassadors, have been  able to make a meaningful and important contribution to the series and in turn the future development of racing in Scotland. the very nature of the role of an ambassador gives  all riders  access to them, out on the course - to ride with, to discuss and share their thoughts on the way the event and the series was running and is evolving - individuals will have an opportunity to reflect on their interests and abilities, and we will get first hand feedback from the experts on the ground.”

Spook Munro from the series said “Whilst we think we know what the riders want, we need to listen and we constantly need to try and improve. The competition is not between the organizer and the rider, it between the riders.”

With this in mind it is hoped that all participants will take time to engage with Ambassadors, whether it be to ask for advice, give feedback or just for a bit of “craic and banter”. The Series Ambassadors will promote Scottish Enduro, and motivate and inspire other people to get involved in enduro whilst racing, riding and enjoying doing something that we love, riding our bikes.

Introducing the Ambassadors 2018

I’m Angus Hardie, I’m 20 years old and this will be my fourth year of racing enduro! This year I will be attending all the Scottish enduro races. Unfortunately I will not be racing the first few rounds due to a broken collar bone but I will be cheering everyone on from the nearest cafe! My aims for the season will be a top 5 in the series overall, some podiums in the senior category and ultimately a good time riding my bike! See you at the races! I ride and work for Hardies Bikes Melrose.

Hi I am Lynette Deacon, I have an extremely packed season planned for 2018, with 21 events this year I will be racing enduro, downhill, 4X and anything else that randomly takes my fancy. You can find me at the Innerleithen, Dunoon, Pitfichie and Fort William rounds of the SES this year. I am planning on building on the success of the end of 2017 and hoping for a few more podium finishes this year. I will be racing a couple of EWS qualifiers and the Continental round and looking to start racing the EWS rounds in 2019. I have big plans for racing some new stuff at the end of the year, but you will just have to stay tuned to find out what.

Meet Fraser; In the up coming session for the Scottish Enduros I am planning to go out and enjoy myself as much as last year if not more. Of all the races I will be attending I would like to finish in the top 10 or better! As the under 18 is a very competitive and large category I feel this would be a rad achievement. I am planning to attend 5 out of the six races which are Laggan, Ae, Dunoon, Pitifichie and Fort William I am buzzing for them however I am gutted that I am missing Innerleithen due to a Nat 5 chemistry exam.

Ladies and Gentelmen Fi Berry. This year I will be racing the full SES again. I can not wait to get to the first race at Laggan and catch up with the whole enduro family - regular and new faces alike! After a proper winter it’ll be time to test my bike skills on some awesome trails all over Scotland. I have a feeling this years series will be even better and more popular than last years. Remember high fives and Haribo! See you on the trails! 

Introducing Shaun MacLeod; For the 2018 race season which is set to be a banger I plan to race the majority of the series excluding Dunoon. I am stoked coming into this year with some awesome venues like the return to potentially the Scottish enduro ‘hotspot’, Pitfichie and a bring back of Ae forrest on the calendar with guaranteed good times of the Scottish Enduro Series. 2017 had a mega start to the year until injury for me, during 2018 I’d like to carry on from where I was last year onto some decent results at the races but to also be consistent in a push for an overall result as well as  develop and improve my riding abilities.

“My name is Thomas, I race in the elite category at the Scottish Enduro Series. When I am not racing my mountain bike I work as a Trainee Solicitor at Cycle Law Scotland, a specialist legal firm dedicated to representing cyclists who have been involved in road traffic incidents. Cycling is my hobby, my sport, my job and my passion. Everything I do revolves around bikes in one-way or another. 

My aspirations for this year are to enjoy my racing and take a more relaxed approach to each round. I am most looking forward to the Innerleithen round, as this will be a hometown race for me.

I believe that it is possible to combine sport at a top competitive level with a working life. I hope that through sharing my experiences and adventures as an ambassador for the Scottish Enduro Series I can inspire others, young and old to give cycling a go.
I am #thecyclinglawyer.

Hi!, my name is Kevin Ostroznik. I’m delighted to have be an ambassador for the POC Scottish Enduro Series....the UK’s number 1 Enduro Series!! In 2018 I will be competing on a hardtail again and all going well! I hope to attend every one of the scheduled races. I also act as chauffeur to my son who rides in the junior category!I love that No Fuss Events have the category for the young ( feckin fast!!!) riders, it gives them a great alternative to compete at this great sport...after all, they are the future!

I hope your preparation has went well in the off season, and look forward to seeing everyone out on the trails! Don’t be shy to give me a holler, I’m always keen for a bit of craic about the weekends shreddin!!

Keep er lit!  Kev

Here is Polly: This year my main focus has been on my exams so I’m really just trying to gain experience and enjoy riding my bike but, having a naturally competeive nature definitely makes me still want to do well.  As well as competing at three rounds of the POC Scottish Enduro Series I am also competing in the Tweedlove Triple Crown and I am going to my first Enduro World Series in La Thuile, Italy in the summer, which I’m really excited about. I had a really good first enduro season last year and a good start to this year with a good result at the Tweedlove Vallelujah race.  I’m intrigued to see what will happen this year...

Roslynn Newman; Will be racing the full series. Some on a hard tail and some on a full sus. 
She is the team captain of the Female Riders Race Team and no stranger to the Scottish Enduro Series. She won the series back in 2014 and was runner up in 2015 and 2016. Last season she attempted to encourage more women to enter the hard tail category but ended up racing against the men and came 2nd in Fort William. Unfortunately her season ended abruptly  after a nasty collarbone break at the EWS round in Madeira. She was injured for 7 months and missed a whole summer of riding and racing. She is delighted to be back on the bike and having a good bit of banter with the Scottish enduro family.