The Glencoe Mountain Resort is situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty on Rannoch Moor and offers stunning views of the iconic Buachaille Etive Mor. In summer the centre offers fantastic mountain biking trails and home cooked food in the log cabin cafe. What more could you ask for? 

Macavalanche is one hell of a race, big mountain stages, topped of with mass start action where fortune favors the brave.




Registration will be open from7.30am.  Here you will pick up your number boards, be given details of the trails, timing chips and other relevant details.

There will be a race briefing at 8.15am.  Attendance is compulsory.  After this everyone will head up to the start of Stage 1, which will open at 9am. With first uplift at 8.30am. Full details  of stages opening and closing will be included in participant notes.

How to get there

Glencoe is situated on the A82, 26 miles south of Fort William, 74 miles north of Glasgow and about 100 miles north-west of Edinburgh.

For more detailed information on how to reach Glencoe Mountain Resort by car, please visit the following site: Glencoe Mountain Resort

Where to stay

nearest to the race: Glencoe Accomodation

nearest to the nightlife ;-) Visit Fort William

Also check out the Outdoor Capital of the UK


- Uplift start running from 9.00 am
- Race start - stage 1 - 10.00 am
- Last stage - mass start - 3.00 pm
(all approximate times)

Prizegiving approximately 5.00pm

Facilities on Site

Bike wash
Hobbit house accommodation on site
Kings House Hotel nearby


Macavalanche is blind racing therefore no course maps will be made available. Stages will be set to maximise the mountain  and the conditions  on the weekend of the event.

Who's Coming

This is a list of entries for this event. If you think you should be here and you are not then let us know.

Senior Women 22-39

1)  GB   Felldoon race team   -  Nicola Fell
2)  GB   Progression Bike Racing  -  Lynette Deacon
3)  GB   Schizzle  -  Sarah  Caraher
4)  GB   Stamford Squeelers  -  MARIE  White
5)  GB   Rex Racing  -  Gill Davies

Junior Male 16-18

6)  GB   Rother valley riders  -  Anthony Croft
7)  GB   BESPOAK  -  Fraser Cameron
8)  GB   Deeside Shredders  -  Harry Brockman
9)  GB   Monsterbike  -  Greg Mathieson
10)  GB   NS Bikes  -  Ewan Mackay
11)  GB   Limitless Racing  -  Shaun Macleod
12)  GB   ae bike shop/pegasus fitness   -  Scott  Neilson
13)  GB   Wheelology Racing   -  Gregor Nixon

Junior Women 16-21

14)  GB   Rother Valley Riders  -  Hannah Saville

Senior Men 19-29

15)  GB   One leg wonder  -  Adam crawshaw
16)  GB   RAFCA DH Team  -  Paul Rogers
17)  GB   Basecamp Bikes  -  Donald Rodgers
18)  GB   Wheels of fire  -  Toby Vye
19)  GB   Team Crawford  -  max crawford
20)  GB   Tnarg  -  Grant Walker
21)  GB   Downcunty boys/cycle addicts   -  Chis Boak
22)  GB   Stamford Squeelers  -  Lance Charity
23)  GB   Ridemoremtb  -  Daniel Robinson
24)  GB   Velo Bikes   -  George  Sharp
25)  GB   Strath MB  -  Conan Finch
26)  GB   Strath MB  -  Ben Kirkland
27)  GB   Pinky n the Brain  -  matthew prince
28)  GB   RVR  -  Stephen Moore
29)  GB   Rvr  -  James Fugett
30)  GB   Grizedale MTB   -  Ben Green
31)  GB   Bike Hebrides  -  Charlie Greenwood
32)  GB   Gravitate  -  Lee Ryan
33)  GB   Element 9 Graphics / Alpine Bikes  -  Jerad Gilbert
34)  GB   Craigendarroch racing   -  Ethan Crawford
35)  GB   Pinky N The Brain  -  David McFadden
36)  GB   RSD  -  Hugh Morgan
37)  GB   Mellow works  -  Brian Eddie
38)  GB   Ibis cycles Enduro Team  -  Gary Forrest
39)  GB   Graeme Mckown   -  Graeme  Mckown
40)  GB   Chatburn Downhill   -  Tim  Dixon
41)  GB   Chatburn Downhill  -  Max  Bowen
42)  GB   PickledOnion  -  Graeme Mathieson
43)  GB   Kyle Footman  -  Kyle Footman
44)  GB   Mike Watt  -  Mike Watt
45)  GB   yogymac  -  ewen macaskill
46)  GB   escape bike shop  -  Matthew Fretwell
47)  GB   Royal Navy Royal Marines Downhill Team  -  Jamie Woods
48)  GB   Future Heating Solutions  -  Russ Lamberty
49)  GB   Slush Shredderz  -  Thomas Parkinson
50)  GB   Slush Shredderz  -  Christopher Hunt
51)  GB   Foot out Flat out  -  Cameron Turnbull
52)  GB   Leslie Bike Shop / Bikers Boutique   -  Jamie  Todd
53)  GB   6 & Two 4s  -  Craig Falconer
54)  GB   6 & Two 4s  -  Thomas Skretteberg
55)  GB   Pies Takeaway  -  Ronan Dugan
56)  GB   Mcmath   -  Scott Mcmath
57)  GB   ae bike shop  -  chris paul
58)  GB   Bike Craft  -  Angus Frazer
59)  GB   Bike Craft  -  Michael Simmonds
60)  GB   Bike craft  -  Stuart Tait
61)  GB   mikes bikes aviemore  -  james welding
62)  GB   Downhill specific  -  Chris Paul
64)  GB   HDDN Media  -  Mathew Wilson
65)  GB   Bike Craft  -  Euan Taylor
66)  GB   Pedro's Magic Taco  -  Euan Brownlie
67)  GB   Bike Craft  -  David Rough
68)  GB   SoReem  -  stephen  macdonald

Master Men 30-39

69)  GB   Zombie Wagon  -  Roddy  Forgie
70)  GB   On it  -  Ross Latimer
71)  GB   Upsidedoonheedenduroteam  -  Glenn Telford
72)  GB   Upsidedoonheedenduroteam  -  Dan Ingram
73)  GB   UpSideDoonHeedEnduroTeam  -  Simon Metcalfe
74)  GB   UpsideDoonHeedEnduroTeam  -  Phil  Rothera
75)  GB   upsidedoonheedenduroteam  -  Greg Purdie
76)  GB   Rossendale Kamikaze Pilots Association  -  Andy schofield
77)  GB   Felldoon race team   -  Michael Muldoon
78)  GB   Govanhill Youth Team  -  Ali Reynolds
79)  GB   Fat and Loose  -  Pete Rees
80)  GB   Spicy Bikers  -  thomas jenkins
81)  GB   Dodgy Dibbers  -  Matthew Miller
82)  GB   Dodgy Dibbers  -  Ramsay MacFarlane
83)  GB   Fat and loose  -  Damien Hornby
84)  GB   UpsidedoonheedEnduroteam  -  David Houston
85)  GB   Wheels of fire  -  Rhidian Jones
86)  GB   Treads Cycle Club  -  Chris Howard
87)  GB   Treads  -  Paul Robertson
88)  GB   Treads Cycle Club  -  Dennis Huizinga
89)  GB   MVRaceteam  -  Craig Norris
90)  GB   MVRaceteam  -  Pete Strange
91)  GB   MVRaceteam  -  Scott McNeil
92)  GB   We don't have a team name.  -  Robbie Lindsay
93)  GB   Scott Allan  -  Scott Allan
94)  GB   NoHope  -  Andrew Fielding
95)  GB   NoHope  -  chris hufton
96)  GB   Stamford Squeelers  -  Gareth  Powell
97)  GB   Stamford Squeelers  -  Aaron Lord
98)  GB   Stamford Squeelers  -  Steve Walker
99)  GB   Stamford Squeelers  -  Nathan White
100)  GB   Gravitate  -  Dean  Weston
101)  GB   Gravitate  -  Mark Turner
102)  GB   Variables  -  Kevin McGee
103)  GB   Bikescene  -  Neil Phillips
104)  GB   Rother Valley Riders  -  David Cohen
105)  GB   Law Factory Racing  -  Andrew Macpherson
106)  GB   Rough rider  -  Fraser Kingscott
107)  GB   Chainsmokers  -  Karl Wilkinson
108)  GB   BESPOAK  -  Scott Gudelis
109)  GB   Spicy Biker  -  Michael Aldridge
110)  GB   What's that smell?  -  Bob Foster
111)  GB   What's that smell?  -  George Semple
112)  GB   HDDN Media  -  Ben Gerrish
113)  GB   Cyclehighlands Ballater  -  Tony Yule
114)  GB   RSD / BIKE REMEDY  -  Craig Macdonald
115)  GB   RSD  -  Jon mitchell Mitchell
116)  GB   RSD  -  Lee  Summers
117)  GB   No pain no gain  -  Ales Wnuk
118)  GB   BPE Steelmaster  -  Alan Jeans
119)  GB   Team I Want To Rock  -  Simon Sewell
120)  GB   Team I Want To Rock  -  Jonathan  Credland
121)  GB   Mellow Works  -  Stephen Clark
122)  GB   Mellow Works  -  Scott Kerr
123)  GB   transfer  -  rhys thoams evans
124)  GB   transfer  -  Nick Hill
125)  GB   Cycle Addicts Bike Shop  -  David Brown
126)  GB   RotherValleyRiders  -  Stephen OKeefe
127)  GB   Stew82  -  Stewart Yeoman
128)  GB   Alban Thom  -  Alban Thom
129)  GB   KenYerSel Racing  -  Ewan Doig
130)  GB   Kubemeister  -  Martin Kubes
131)  GB   Stonehaven Cycle Club  -  Charlie Barrow
132)  GB   😊🔫  -  Robert  Macaskill
133)  GB   See You In Hell  -  Greg Fyans
134)  GB   Wcc  -  Alan Murray
135)  GB   Rex Racing  -  Nick Barber
136)  GB   B120  -  Ross Munro
137)  GB   Rex Racing  -  James Harris
138)  GB   A TUTTA BIRRA!  -  Ernesto Arias
140)  GB   FalconLogistics  -  Stuart Hibbert
141)  GB   RG Autotech   -  Graeme Beveridge
142)  GB   Team Dave  -  Dave Read
143)  GB   Rex Racing  -  Si Goodwin
144)  GB   The Gravity Cartel  -  Gareth Davies
145)  GB   UK MTB Squad  -  Phil Wentworth
146)  GB   team dave  -  Mike Bibby
147)  GB   Biltong  -  Morne van Niekerk
148)  GB   UK MTB Squad  -  Carl Anians
149)  GB   Baillie  -  Robert Baillie
150)  GB   RvR  -  Kenny Wilson
151)  GB   Moooove It  -  John Carr
152)  GB   Moooove it  -  Graham Wynne
153)  GB   Team Fittes  -  James Fittes
154)  GB   DownWeeGo  -  Blazej Ochman
155)  GB   Griggsy  -  Chris Griggs
156)  GB   Sanjeed   -  Johnpaul Cunningham
157)  GB   Sanjeed  -  Craig Mcmillan
158)  GB   Plush Hill Cycles  -  John Walden

Vet Men 40-49

159)  GB   WTF amidoing  -  pete watt
160)  GB   MTB Guisborough  -  Kevin Cooper
161)  GB   Loam Rangers  -  Mark Johnson
162)  GB   Loam Rangers  -  bobby boyd
163)  GB   Treads Cycle Club  -  Lee  Attwood
164)  GB   Team Ayrshire  -  ian mcalindon
165)  GB   Team Crawford  -  jason crawford
166)  GB   .  -  STUART ANDERSON
167)  GB   Lomond Enduro  -  Scott Mc Diarmid
168)  GB   We don't have a team name.  -  Paul Lindsay
169)  GB   Downcunty boys/cycle addicts   -  Ged Birch
170)  GB   Downcuntry Boys / Cycle Addicts  -  Leon Pae
171)  GB   downcuntryboys/cycle addicts  -  simon nuttall
172)  GB   Downcuntry boys/cycle addicts 😇  -  Paul Horridge
173)  GB   MVRaceteam  -  Chris Charlton
174)  GB   Rother Valley Riders  -  Adam Simmonite
175)  GB   Kenny Wilson  -  Kenny Wilson
176)  GB   OE2KB  -  simon kingston
177)  GB   OE2KB  -  Steve Lawrie
178)  GB   OE2KB  -  Nick Sloan
179)  GB   Gravitate  -  Steve Melville
180)  GB   Kentish Man  -  Andrew Hutchinson
181)  GB   Gravitate   -  wayne westwood
182)  GB   Rother valley riders   -  Nick Howarth
183)  GB   RVR  -  Ben Crofts
184)  GB   Asthaseenarbilly?   -  James  Wood
185)  GB   Team Edelweiss  -  steven mccartney
186)  GB   ROther Valley Riders  -  Daniel Smith
187)  GB   Rother Valley Riders   -  Michael  Edwards
188)  GB   Hawaii Four-O  -  Iain Mackay
189)  GB   Downcuntry Boys/Cycle Addicts  -  Scott Stephenson
190)  GB   Gravitate  -  Stephen NEWLAND
191)  GB   Delta-X  -  Chris Horn
192)  GB   Teamless  -  Matt chester
193)  GB   matt coleman  -  matt coleman
194)  GB   Ha  -  Hugh Dennis
195)  GB   Bobby  -  Bobby Howe
196)  GB   DrM  -  Mike Ashcroft
197)  GB   Ecurie Neep  -  Grzegorz Stankiewicz
198)  GB   Goon Platoon  -  Duncan Pye
199)  GB   Goon platoon  -  Graeme Watters
200)  GB   Ride with Mee  -  Andrew Mee
201)  GB   Real World Racing  -  Steve Mackenzie
202)  GB   Cherryboys  -  Richard Maughan
203)  GB   Team Loose Cannon  -  scott Mackay
204)  GB   DP  -  Dave Parfitt
205)  GB   No name  -  Matthew Burnett-godfree
206)  GB   Puffa Daddies  -  Mark Palmer
207)  GB   Glenbrook   -  Philip Orme

Grand Vet Men 50+

208)  GB   Arthur Weir  -  Arthur Weir
209)  GB   Team loam ranger  -  chris stoddart
210)  GB   Treads Cycle Club  -  Tony Skirrow
211)  GB   Wide Open DH Sheffield  -  Michael Giles
212)  GB   21 degrees  -  Kevin Ryan
213)  GB   Doug Little  -  Doug Little
214)  GB   lofty peaks  -  robert holding
215)  GB   Hawaii 4 o  -  Richard Mann

Vet Female 40-49

216)  GB   Team Edelweiss  -  Eva mccartney
217)  GB   Magnatits  -  Julia Ferguson


Read carefully

Each rider (herein after referred to as “Rider”) taking part in one or more events of the Macavalanch is supposed to know the following rules and makes a commitment to submit her/himself without reserve to all of them. Non-compliance with any of the Race Rules may result in disqualification of the Rider from the event.

General rules

Macavalanche is a mountain bike enduro event that takes place in a rugged mountain enviroment.  Riders must complete the timed stages in  numerical order

Please note the cumulitaive time of stage 1 and stage 2 will be given and your position on the start grid for stage 3 will be allocated accordingly.

Blind racing

The Macavalanche is raced accordingly to the original Enduro format that means it is not allowed to check the course before the event starts.

Bike and personal equipment

The courses are designed to suit a mid travel trail bike, not specific XC or DH bikes.

Riders should use the same frame, fork and wheels during a whole event. Bikes will be scrutinized at before departing the course. All bikes must have bar plugs. Bikes must be in perfect working order. The race directors have the right to deny entry to the event if they feel a bike is not of a suitable standard.

Riders must wear a certified helmet at all times, including transfer stages. Riders found not wearing a helmet shall be disqualified immediately.

Full-face helmet, long-finger gloves and knee protections must be worn in all timed stages. Additionally, elbow pads and back protectors are compulsory in France, they are strongly recommended in the other countries. Riders may choose to ride the transfer stages with a non full-face helmet.

Each Rider should be completely self-sufficient. It is recommended that each Rider carry the following items:

  • Mobile phone.
  • Basic first aid kit (Minimum: 1 x Dressing Pad for heavy bleeding (field dressing); bandage, plasters).
  • Emergency Foil Blanket
  • Wind/ Waterproof Top.
  • Bike repair kit (tube, tire leavers, pump or CO2 canisters, Allen keys, chain tool).
  • Whistle can be a good idea in case you go over a bank, break a leg and no one can see you.
  • Sufficient food and water to meet your individual energy needs for 5 hours of riding.
  • Sunscreen.

Route Markings / Hazards

The route may have narrow sections and exposed rocks, steep climbs and descents and is not suitable for beginners. Potholes, rocks, stock, rutted tracks, steep descents, banks etc. are all natural obstacles to be negotiated by the Rider. When you are in this environment YOU are the person primarily responsible for your own safety. Any hazards outside of those expected will be identified and marked accordingly to ensure your safety.

It is the duty of each Rider to assist any other Rider who appears to be injured or in difficulty and alert the race director ASAP.

The course

In the interests of safety there will be a cut off time to complete the whole event, Riders will be notified at race briefing on the morning of the event.

The course will be marked with signs, tape, and some sections double taped, otherwise Riders must follow the trail. If a Rider exits the timed stage course, he/she must re-enter at the same point and, if altered it, restore the tape as he/she found it.

Riders cannot repeat any stage even if they suffer a mechanical failure on course.

There is no pre-race practice.

Riders’ should and should not's

Riders must not leave any rubbish along the route. All food wrappers drink bottles, tubes etc. must be carried to the finish line and not discarded anywhere along the route. Anyone seen discarding rubbish will be disqualified and will not receive a time or position as applicable (leave tire marks only).

Riders may not modify race number plates.

Riders must attend the pre-race briefing and carefully read any note supplied by the organization. Riders must obey instructions from Marshals at all times. They are there for everyone’s safety and enjoyment.

Each Rider authorizes the race organization and its partners to use any images or videos taken during the event he/she may be appearing in.

Any Rider withdrawing from the event must notify the race office as soon as possible.

Each Rider has to adapt his/her speed and his/her behaviour to his/her personal abilities, his/her equipment and to the general conditions the event is raced in.


If you are unable to compete for medical reasons we will refund you on receipt of a doctor’s note.

It is not possible to transfer entries to any other events, next year’s event, or a different Rider.

For the registration, the payment will be made by on-line payment and the Rider will have to inform an on-line form concerning his names, first names, age, gender and address.

Responsibilities of Riders


The timed stages are timed using individual electronic chip. It is the responsibility of each rider to make sure his/her passage has been recorded at the start and finish of each timed stage (sound signal). Each Rider must return the individual electronic chip to the organizer at the end of the race in order to withdraw his/her individual timed results and get his/her deposit back.

Penalties and complaints

No external assistance on the track, assistance is only allowed in the pits area. Assistance outside the pits area will result in time penalty.                  

When a Rider is caught by another faster Rider, he/she should let the other Rider pass without issue, otherwise he/she'll be issued a 30sec penalty. The faster Rider should give lots of warming and clear directions as to what side he/she will pass and eventually overtake when it is safe to do so for both Riders.                               

Riders must not deviate from the obvious track or attempt to take shortcuts. Shortcuts mean immediate disqualification.             

Any complaints about the race should be done formally to the race office within 15 minutes of end of Rider’s race                           

Any complains about the result should be done formally to the race office within 30 minutes of result's publication                      

Any dangerous or disrespectful behaviour against other racers, marshals, nature, trails or spectators will lead to a time penalty depending of the level of the fault. Race director can also decide the disqualification of the Rider.                                                                

Podium and prizes

Award Ceremony will be held on race day. Riders who finish in the top three in their category must attend the podium presentation. Riders who fail to make the presentation forfeit their position, and prizes. There will be no difference in values between prizes for men or women for the same level of achievement.

have  fun!