Fort William Runduro



IF YOU WOULD TO TAKE PART IN THE EVENT BUT HAVENT ENTERED YET PLEASE EMAIL [email protected] OR enter on the day at Cotswold Camping ,High Street Fort William from 0800.

The Fort William Runduro is a multi-stage running event taking in some of the Outdoor Capitals most popular running routes.  It's all about the journey, and the route will use some of the areas best trails, linking up Fort William and Glen Nevis.

The format breaks the route down into stages, so you can race the stages, enjoy the transitions and await your cumulative time for the days racing.  Its social, its fun, what will your strategy be?

Fort William Runduro take place on the same weekend  of the Fort William Mountain Festival we really feel that you should  make a weekend of it and  enjoy Runduo, the festival and of course some great Craic and Banter.

Thanks to all who  registered an interest in this event. Tickets are now live and we look forward to welcoming you to this event in February.



·       Fort William Runduro route is superb and is held on varied trails.

·       8 timed stages each with its own unique character 

·       7 Liason stages between timed stages that allow recovery, analysis and of course a blether with friends and like minded                 folk. (Although this is not enforced it is encouraged)

·       2 Feed stations on route, as well as catering provided at the finish.

·      Rolling Start between 0830 and 1030 - we recommend the runners who wish to take a wee bit longer select an early start                 time.

·       Sophisticated digital timing system and software .

·       Marked and marshaled course to provide support and encouragement.

·       A guaranteed voyage of discovery 

       Great  Soup and a warm relaxed environment to compare stage times after the race.


Registration will take place from 0745  at Cotswold Camping ,High Street Fort William

All numbers and timing equipment (wrist band and digital timing card) will need to be picked up from the registration desk prior to the start.

Please bring your registration email or ID.

It is recommended that runners arrive at least 45min before the start to warm up and register.


No special kit required – trail shoes probably the best shoe choice;

Appropriate dress for the day dependant on conditions;

A good recommendation would be to have a bum bag or similar containing waterproofs, emergency rations such as gels, and a base layer.

2 Feed stations on route.


Competitors to set off in clusters of 6 at approximately 3 min intervals

First Start : 0830

Last Start: 0930


8 Races in one – pit your wits against your running friends on different stages where different skills come into play.  The steep sharp climb of the Cow Hill, the mountain terrain of heart attack hill and the Ben path descent, or the  final sprint stage to the Crannog Pier.

At the beginning and end of each stage you need to 'dib' your dibber - you will be shown how to do this at registration. It's up to participants to manage their time between stages to ensure they are back at the final station at 1400.


The start / finish area will welcome you with a relaxed family atmosphere. 

·       Runners must hand in their timing equipment to the timing desk to ensure download of data.

·       Post run massages available in return.


Results of the race will be available onsite, and posted online immediately afterwards. 

Prize winners will be announced on the day and online 24 hours after the event, prizes will be presented on the day.


·       Male and Female prizes will be awarded to category winners and stage winners.

·       There will also be spot prizes.


The Fort William Runduro will need some dedicated training before the event so please prepare accordingly.

·       Full medical support will be provided for the event.

·       If required please approach the first aid tent or a No Fuss run race marshal.

·       If you feel ill on the day or have experienced flu-like symptoms, diarrhoea or a fever two to  three days prior to the event, do not run.

·       If you start to feel unwell during the race, slow your pace.

·       Seek advice early from a race marshal or medical staff if you do not improve

·       It is recommended that runners do not use devices with headphones, as they may not hear No Fuss Run marshals' instructions or traffic.


Full Course HERE  Red Line Timed Stage, Green Line recovery.

Stage 1  : 0.90km  Cow Hill Ascent (King o' the Hill) HERE

Stage 2  : 1.90km  Cow Hill 'Gate' to Glen Nevis via Peat Track (The Descender) HERE

Stage 3  : 1.8km The road to Dun Deardil to the Low Glen Road, via the WHW Diversion path (Smash It) HERE

Stage 4  : 1.80km Heart Attack Climb and Ben Path Descent (To Hell and Back) HERE

Stage 5  : 2.60km Braveheart to Peat track via all users trail (Up, Up and away!) HERE

Stage 6  : 1.00km Cow Hill Rd to Peat Track Junction (Short and sweet) HERE

Stage 7  : 1.00km Track Junction to Saltire Rock (Keep Trucking!) HERE

Stage 8  : 0.80km College to Crannog  (Sprinter) HERE


Who's Coming

This is a list of entries for this event. If you think you should be here and you are not then let us know.


1)  GB   Inverness College UHI  -  Margaret Andrews
2)  GB   Team Rum Ham  -  Victoria  Presly
3)  GB   Inverness College UHI  -  Suzanne Stewart
4)  GB   -  -  Barbara Kimbell
5)  GB   Ennis-Kimbell  -  Holly Ennis
6)  GB   Anne Taylor  -  Anne Taylor
7)  GB   team jm  -  janice mcnichol
8)  GB   Bullet  -  Alex Berry
9)  GB   If you see me collapse... pause my run tracker!  -  Ailie Howat
10)  GB   Jodi  -  Jodi Sharpe
11)  GB   Perth Road Runners  -  Daile Sipple
12)  GB   Raving Mad Mountaineering Team  -  Emma Lonnen
13)  GB   Team Fyzical Rex  -  Helen Bennie
14)  GB   Inverness College UHI  -  Aimee Cormack
15)  GB   -  -  Eleanor Munro
16)  GB   Triathlon Inverness  -  Jane Pottie
17)  GB   Diane Cooper  -  Diane Cooper
18)  GB   Garscube hurriers  -  Isobel Martin
19)  GB   Garscube Harriers  -  Joanne Robertson
20)  GB   Muir of Ord Jogscotland  -  Sheila Wallace
21)  GB   Inverness College UHI  -  Elizabeth  Allan
22)  GB   Garscube Harriers  -  Lynette Harkins
23)  GB   Garscube Hurriers  -  Sheina Gilmour
24)  GB   Girlscube Hurriers  -  Chloe McAdam
25)  GB   Inverness College UHI  -  Alison Boyd
26)  GB   Team from the Deen  -  Sarah  Hodgkinson
27)  GB   Garscube Hurriers  -  Alison Condie
28)  GB   Run Ballachulish Glencoe   -  Zoe Newson
29)  GB   Run Ballachulish Glencoe   -  Hannah Newson
30)  GB   Lisa Rennie  -  Lisa Rennie
31)  GB   solo  -  lisa shearer
32)  GB   Inverness College UHI  -  Lorraine  McDonald
33)  GB   Cairngorm Zoe  -  Zoe Laird
34)  GB   Coilean couldn't make it  -  Stephanie Brown
35)  GB   Inverness College UHI  -  Debra  Templeton
36)  GB   Triathlon Inverness  -  Claire Acheson
37)  GB   Garscube Harriers  -  Ann Clanachan
38)  GB   Aberdeen Crew  -  Sarah Taylor
39)  GB   Run Ballachulish Glencoe  -  Deborah Fyfe
40)  GB   Blazin Squad  -  Lia Hunter
41)  GB   Blazin Squad  -  Amanda Blackhall
42)  GB   Blazin Squad  -  Angelina kennedy
43)  GB   Caroline  -  Caroline Williams
44)  GB   Oban Mountain Goats  -  Raeanne Miller
45)  GB   Nessie's Jessies  -  Akira OConnor
46)  GB   Velo Club Moulin   -  Chris Marquis
47)  GB   Graeme  -  Graeme Ambrose
48)  GB   Raving Mad Mountaineering Team  -  Mark Lonnen
49)  GB   Nessies Jessies  -  Paul Prentice
50)  GB   Crookes Cowboys  -  Rory Matheson
51)  GB   Bloc 3  -  Ross Lindsay
52)  GB   Alan Robertson  -  Alan Robertson
53)  GB   Get Tae Falkirk  -  Michael Nimmo
54)  GB   Martin  -  Martin Stanford
55)  GB   Ronrey  -  Paul Catto
56)  GB   Nessie's Jessies  -  Mike MacDonald
57)  GB   SD Plumb  -  Scott Duncan
58)  GB   Perth Road Runners  -  Paul Grace
59)  GB   Team Fyzical Rex  -  John Bennie
60)  GB   MacAtak  -  Stuart McAviney
61)  GB   James Cooper  -  James Cooper
62)  GB   Vegan Runners  -  Craig Wallace
63)  GB   Inverness College UHI  -  Neil Cleland
64)  GB   Team Slock  -  William Halliday
65)  GB   Inverness College UHI  -  Robert Boyd
66)  GB   Team from the Deen  -  Iain Manson
67)  GB   Wishaw Mountain Biking Club  -  Russell McCoull
68)  GB   Get Tae Falkirk  -  Douglas Ramsay
69)  GB   clydesdale harriers  -  michael diver
70)  GB   Inverness College UHI  -  Kenny  McDonald
71)  GB   clydesdale  -  hugh laverty
72)  GB   Jasser  -  Jason  Murphy
73)  GB   Inverness College UHI  -  Paul Moody
74)  GB   No sure - I am in Iain Manson's (Aberdeen) team  -  Kenneth Weir
75)  GB   Cairngorm Phil  -  Philip Shipman
76)  GB   Inverness College UHI  -  Kenny  Templeton
77)  GB   T4TRI  -  Terry Gallacher
78)  GB   Inverness College UHI  -  Ramsay Wood
79)  GB   BYT  -  Ian Graham
80)  GB   Nessies Jessies  -  Will Goad
81)  GB   Triathlon Inverness / FyrishBikes  -  Simon Stewart
82)  GB   Alan Maloney  -  Alan Maloney
83)  GB   Ibuprofanity  -  Dale Rodgers
84)  GB   Oban Mountain Goats (OMG!)  -  Sam Jones
85)  GB   Keelan Lawlor  -  Keelan Lawlor
86)  GB   Velo Club Moulin /  -  Jac Marquis
87)  GB   Girlscube Hurriers  -  Mary Cox
88)  GB   Inverness College UHI  -  Sue Walker
89)  GB   Em Tam  -  Emma Tamsin Kelty
90)  GB   Coilean couldn't make it  -  Fraser  Hughes
91)  GB   May run up will fall down  -  Ellen Murgitroyd
92)  GB   May run up will fall down.   -  Ellen Murgitroyd
93)  GB   May run up will fall down  -  Clare Connelly