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No Fuss exploded onto the adventure event scene in 2005. It’s probably closer to the truth to say that No Fuss events started in 2005 but it was in 2007 that the two founders Frazer Coupland and David ‘Spook’ Munro realised that No Fuss was the major part of their lives and made the decision to focus all their efforts upon it. 

With it’s unique mix of fun and challenge No Fuss life was good but the mission was (and still is) to not become complacent and that good is not good enough so we strive to improve customer experiences at every event. The ethos behind No Fuss Events is, yep you’ve guessed it “no fuss”.

Our objective is to create great events, great fun (you get penalties for taking things too seriously) and a relaxed atmosphere. Please do not interpret relaxed and fun as care free, quite the opposite, No Fuss present a professional event where competitor safety is paramount and goes hand in hand with enjoying the great outdoors. 

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No Fuss Scotland

No Fuss Scotland is the result of all the sucess and hard work since that chance conversation at the Fort William World Cup in 2004.

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Scottish Enduro Series

It is a mission of the Scottish Enduro Series to seek out outstanding new venues and to increase the knowledge of great riding locations throughout Scotland. 

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Marquee Hire

We are now offering a unique opportunity to anyone organising an event who is looking for a space with a difference. Our Saddlespan Tent is an affordable function space, easy to erect on hard or soft ground and can be used in three different ways. On it's own as perhaps a covered transition area for a sporting event, with one end attached as a stunning stage cover or both ends attached for a fully enclosed, no pole obstructed area.

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