Endurance racing over 24hrs, with categories which include solo, pairs and teams 4 or 8. Relentless 24 has become a classic on any 24 hour MTB specialists calendar, whether your specialty is non-stop riding for 24 hours, or non-stop socializing and swapping riders for 24
hours (if you are taking part in a team!). What’s not to like? The race takes place in Forestry Commission Scotland’s Leanachan Forest and Nevis Range’s world class tracks, matched with world class facilities in the beautiful surroundings of the Outdoor Capital of the UK all the while with the recognisibly relaxed and ftiendly atmosphere that comes with a No Fuss event.

RE24 takes place in October, when the days are getting shorter and the nights longer.   - after the clocks have gone back, making the night even longer and making the challenge even tougher. It's also close to Hallowe'en, so you never know who or  what's hiding in those trees?

Please note early bird price close at midday on the 9/12/16.

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Ticket type Price per Ticket How many?
Solo Entry £55 per entry
Pairs Entry £110 per entry
Team of Four Entry £180 per entry
Team of Eight Entry £110 per entry
Solo Singlespeed Entry £55 per entry

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Relentless Exposure 24 takes place at Nevis Range, Fort William.  For directions click HERE.


Sign-in for the event will take place at Nevis Range from 8.30am until 11am on Saturday 28th October, 2017. 

At registration you will be asked to sign a Statement of Responsibility, given your race numbers, timing chip, race information and your free t-shirt - don't forget to order yours when you enter!


There will be a compulsory race briefing at 1130am on Saturday morning. It is essential that all team captains and solo riders attend, and although it's not essential, support crews and additional participants are strongly advised to also attend.


There will be a First Aid team on location for the duration of the event. In addition, there will be marshal/feed stations throughout the course and mobile marshals on bikes.


There will be a light charging facility available for all riders to use, free of charge.


Facilities for washing bikes are located behind the Gondola Station.


Camping will be available at Nevis Range car park (hard ground - you will need a good sleeping mattress, no electric hook-up) from Friday. Details to be confirmed nearer to time.


Toilet facilities will be available on location throughout the weekend.


Hot and cold food and drink will be on sale at the Pinemartin Cafe for the duration of the race.


Shower facilities will be available on location.


The Course will be announced approximately 2 weeks before the event.  Expect rocks, roots, perhaps a river and whatever the weather can throw at us.

Who's Coming

This is a list of entries for this event. If you think you should be here and you are not then let us know.

Solo Entry

1) Who? What? Me?  -  Jemma Wheatley
2) Anna Blair/Cyclehighlands  -  Anna Blair
3) Couch to 24hr  -  Tom Howard
4) WaltArt / Cyclehighlands,‌ Ballater  -  Scott Sutherland-Thomson
5) Fast Fraser  -  Fraser Cameron
6) David Robinson  -  David Robinson
7) Enjoyro :)  -  Liam Hutson
8) Chase Trails  -  David Pearson
9) Chase Trails  -  Andrew Humpheson
10) cyclehighlands.com  -  wayne Blair
11) justonbike  -  Justin Atkinson
12) NETCO  -  Tom Jenkins
13) Slow Sparky  -  Grant  Gillies
14) It's Just A Hill Get Over It  -  David Hill
15) One more lap....  -  Alan Harbisher
16) Team Hunky  -  Jonny Kenyon
17) Gordon Anderson  -  Gordon Anderson
18) 4 more laps than last time  -  Shaun Cunningham
19) Oulu Triathlon & Cycling  -  Matti Tahkola
20) Ewen Lamont  -  Ewen Lamont
21) meet4rides.com  -  Richard Wake
22) Boaty McBoatface Bought a Bike   -  steve clayton
23) Patoche04  -  Patrick GOUARD
24) Team jmc  -  Tom Hodgkinson
25) Pigeon Pie  -  Peter Boyd
26) Team JMC  -  Richie Scott
27) Yer Da sells Avon  -  Niall Pairman
28) Team JMC  -  Carl Salisbury
29) You Can Sport  -  Craig Coull
30) Simon Rowe  -  Simon Rowe
31) Recreational Wreckage  -  RORY MACDONALD
32) 18 Bikes  -  Ian Fitzpatrick
33) HERBIE'S HILLBILIES....   -  Roddy Weir
34) A Goonie  -  Euan  Patrick
35) @RACING  -  Tom Archer
36) Andrew Hutcheson  -  Andrew Hutcheson
37) New Triathlon   -  Blair Cartmell
38) Brian Rourkes Cycles  -  Chris Howell
39) Saints Ciclista Wannabe  -  Daniel Clarke
40) Dougal Brown  -  Dougal Brown
41) The Saint  -  Colin Sinclair
42) 59 Degrees North  -  Graham Bichan
43) Drumburgh Hero  -  Steven Simpson
44) Basecamp Bikes/Merida/BawbagsUnderwear  -  Kyle Beattie
45) Evans Cycles  -  Nick Owen
46) Mountain Destroying Monkey  -  Dave Jackson
47) The Mack Attack Mobster  -  Gary Mackenzie
48) Team JMC  -  Keith Kitchen
49) caberfeidh wheelers  -  marty ross
50) Termon Wheelers   -  Michael Holland
51) Team KTR  -  Andris Skuja
52) Jasser  -  Jason  Murphy
53) E3C / ldlr.im  -  Stephen Kelly
54) Rock and Road Cycles  -  Kenny Young
55) Team Phenomenal  -  Lawrence Webster
56) Team STUPID  -  Alan Cole

Pairs Entry

57) Garage Bikes  -  Hannah  Collingridge
58) Garage Bikes  -  joolze Dymond
59) Garage Bikes / Singletrack   -  Sarah shaw
60) Garage Bikes / Singletrack   -  Vicki Alker
61)  Wheely Tyred  -  Yvonne Clark
62)  Wheely Tyred  -  Susannah Wilson
63) Sandy Wallace Cycles  -  Naomi Freireich
64) Sandy Wallace Cycles  -  Nienke Oostra
65)  fish & kiwi  -  jason hammersley
66)  fish & kiwi  -  john [fish] morton
67) Twisted Cogs  -  Ben Preston
68) Twisted Cogs  -  James  Jackson
69) Merchants of Pain  -  Craig ODonnell
70) Merchants of Pain  -  Richard Skipworth
71) No holiday  -  scott ramsay
72) No holiday  -  graham forbes
73) Team JMC  -  Andrew Burgess
74) Team JMC  -  Andy Watson
75) Misfitss  -  Allan Campbell
76) Misfitss  -  Douglas Hain
77) M.E.T.Athlete meets #justdaestuff  -  Stuart Macleod
78) M.E.T.Athlete meets #justdaestuff  -  James McCallum
79) Off-road Virgins  -  Iain  Docwra
80) Off-road Virgins  -  Ross Flatman
81) 24 Spline  -  Jamie Hope
82) 24 Spline  -  Alistair Davidson
83) postman pat pro factory racing team  -  douglas carchrie
84) postman pat pro factory racing team  -  fraser  gillies
85) Wood plant hire  -  Dan Wood
86) Wood plant hire  -  Allan Matheson
87) Wood butchers  -  Paul Campbell
88) Wood butchers  -  Calum Maciver
89) Gorilles Sur Bicyclette  -  Ian Godber
90) Gorilles Sur Bicyclette  -  Liam McHugh
91) Frattelis McC  -  Stewart Mcconnell
92) Frattelis McC  -  Martin Mcconnell
93) Sub zero heroes  -  Gordon Taylor
94) Sub zero heroes  -  David Threadgold
95) Endurance Collective  -  Rich Rothwell
96) Endurance Collective  -  Martin Graham
97) Special K & Shithead  -  Keziah Higgins
98) Special K & Shithead  -  Richard Bannister
99) Racedate App - Find your next event!  -  Tim Colebrooke
100) Racedate App - Find your next event!  -  Diana Colebrooke
101) Rock and Road  -  Katherine Simpson
102) Rock and Road  -  Tony  Bancewicz

Team of Four Entry

103) wheely useless  -  tansy grigor-taylor
104) wheely useless  -  joanna  lockley
105) wheely useless  -  lauren glasgow
106) wheely useless  -  helen  lamond
107) Cuillin Wheels featuring Deeside Thistle  -  James Stephenson
108) Cuillin Wheels featuring Deeside Thistle  -  Andi Dunkel
109) Cuillin Wheels featuring Deeside Thistle  -  Hendry McNicol
110) Cuillin Wheels featuring Deeside Thistle  -  Craig Christie
111) SAINTS CICLISTA   -  Craig Webster
112) SAINTS CICLISTA   -  Gav Pitts
113) SAINTS CICLISTA   -  Allan Mill
114) SAINTS CICLISTA   -  Duncan Cox
115) Marginal Aims 2  -  Stephen McHugh
116) Marginal Aims 2  -  William Snow
117) Marginal Aims 2  -  Simon  Bowden
118) Marginal Aims 2  -  Simon Sharp
119) Fishface Cycles Race Team  -  Karl Fisher
120) Fishface Cycles Race Team  -  Steve Hayward
121) Fishface Cycles Race Team  -  Richard Wilson
122) Fishface Cycles Race Team  -  Ian Jones
123) XXXX  -  David McLeod
124) XXXX  -  David Arnot
125) XXXX  -  Al  Bell
126) XXXX  -  Ross Martin
127) Team Slingshot  -  Dale Robertson
128) Team Slingshot  -  Dave Yeats
129) Team Slingshot  -  Greig  Morrice
130) Team Slingshot  -  Scott Shaw
131) 3soulsracing  -  alastair  masson
132) 3soulsracing  -  max nicholson
133) 3soulsracing  -  guy  jones
134) 3soulsracing  -  isaac fishwick
135) Jammy Dodgers  -  charles smith
136) Jammy Dodgers  -  fiona harfield
137) Jammy Dodgers  -  Shuna mayes
138) Jammy Dodgers  -  al cameron
139) Barnsley chops tha knows  -  Ian Thompson
140) Barnsley chops tha knows  -  John Sylvester
141) Barnsley chops tha knows  -  Gary Ashworth
142) Barnsley chops tha knows  -  Simon David Booth
143) Team Dumb  -  Pawel Pawlowska
144) Team Dumb  -  Jason MacDonald
145) Team Dumb  -  Keri McCully
146) Team Dumb  -  James Fowler

Team of Eight Entry

147) Benmore   -  Cameron Wood
148) Benmore   -  Emma Tilsten
149) Benmore   -  Nicola Howell
150) Benmore   -  Paul Bailey
151) Benmore   -  Sean Rogers-Jones
152) Benmore   -  TBC UCI duties
153) Benmore   -  Tom Dean-Gately
154) Benmore   -  Paul Bailey
155) Grantown Grammar School - Staff  -  Jim Sutherland
156) Grantown Grammar School - Staff  -  Tom Macgowan
157) Grantown Grammar School - Staff  -  Ruairidh Ross
158) Grantown Grammar School - Staff  -  Kenny McGougan
159) Grantown Grammar School - Staff  -  Rachel Knight
160) Grantown Grammar School - Staff  -  Jas Hepburn
161) Grantown Grammar School - Staff  -  Lorna Crane
162) Grantown Grammar School - Staff  -  Scott Wilson

Solo Singlespeed Entry

163) Team JMC  -  Lisa Scott
164) Singlespeed Simon  -  Simon Haslam
165) Sandy Wallace Cycles www.swc.co.uk  -  David (Singlespeed) Glover
166) The Green Jersey  -  Philip Wade
167) Stadium Riders  -  Andrew Beever
168) 59 Degrees North  -  David  Farrer


1. Mandatory pr-event meeting at 1130 on Saturday for all team captains/team leaders, although all riders and crew are encouraged to attend. Teams must designate a captain team leader (this will be understood to be No 1 on entry form to handle all official matters including pre event meeting, picking up registration packs, making sure all teammates have correct numbers and have completed any paperwork etc.

2. Each team and solo rider will bear reasonability for their timing. In order for laps to count riders must pass through the transition area and ensure their race number has been recorded by the timing officials.

3. Waiting riders should always check in with transition officials prior to starting their lap. Please adhere to the NO RIDE RULES in transition areas. Riders should only use solo riders area if they are in that class.

4. If a team member wishes to do two laps in a row it essential that they cross through the transition area to ensure their time is recorded by the timing officials.

5. Each team member and solo rider must complete a minimum of one lap. Teams will be penalized a lap for each lap not completed by each member except in the case of injury which must be reported to race official who will make final decision.

6. If a team member cannot complete his or her lap, the team has the option of starting the lap over with a new rider. They will however, lose the distance and time of the uncompleted lap. The replacement rider must check in with timing official prior to starting the lap.

7. For obvious safety reasons there is no reverse riding on the course.

8. Teammates may cannibalize each others bikes or swap if necessary. Riders may accept mechanical support on the course by any other registered rider, transition and camp areas is the only area where assistance from support crews is acceptable.

9. Riders may accept food and water from anyone on the course.

10. We strongly suggest that each team and solo rider have a support crew of at least 1 or 2 persons who are not taking part to assist with various jobs such as orginsing transitions, cooking and assisting with mechanical problems.

11. Please camp responsibly and be aware of other users in the car park.

12. Riders will require lights, which must be at least 4 watts and be secured to bikes or helmet. NO FUSS will have final say when lights should be used.

13. When lighting is required it will be against the rules for riders to ride with their lights out to save batteries. Riders violating this rule will have their current lap nullified.

14. Only riders officially entered in the event or designated as “Official Course Marshals” may ride the designated course.

15. Wearing a buckled helmet is mandatory anytime you are on your bike in the race area ( not just when it is your lap)

16. Ignorance of any rule will not be accepted as an excuse.

17. Foul riding will not be tolerated, unsportsmanlike behavior is totally un-acceptable. This includes the use of profane or abusive language, this rule is taken very seriously by No Fuss and anyone who violates this rule shall be disqualified from this and any future No Fuss events.

18. Shortcutting the course can be grounds for automatic disqualification of the solo rider or the entire team. If a rider makes a mistake and they report to officials before it is discovered, a time adjustment will be applied rather than a DQ.

19. Riders who are riding their bikes have the right of way over those who are pushing their bikes. Where practicable riders pushing should stay on the least rideable portion of the path when being passed. Riders are encouraged to call pleasantly “passing on the right or left” as appropriate.

20. All protests must be made by a team captain to a No Fuss Official ( Frazer, or Spook) Protests can be made throughout the event and up to 15 mins after the final results are posted. It would be appreciated if any protests could be made respectfully to the officials. No Fuss officials say is final in all protests.

21. Safety on the course is our primary concern. If you come across an injured or a potentially unsafe situation, you are encouraged to stop and assist. If you stop to give assistance for a health and safety related reason, you should report your number to a passing number who will turn it in to the transition official so that your teams next rider may commence their lap. You must then complete your lap and report to the transition official and report the nature of the assistance you provided and an approximate duration of your stop. You will be assigned a lap time in accordance with your or your teams average times which ever is the faster. NB Time adjustments are made by a No Fuss official and are final. NOTE This rule applies to ONLY heath and safety concerns and not mechanical failure.

22. The NO FUSS OFFICIALS ( FRAZER and SPOOK) will be given the final decision regarding any occurrence at the event including those not addressed in the rules