10 Under the Ben, we believe is Scotlands original and best mountain bike event is flagship of the No Fuss portfolio,  long  established as a must do for every mountain biker. 10 Under the Ben guarantees a great day’s riding on the amazing trails around Leanachen forest,  racing or out for a ride with,  like minded people, with the emphasis on enjoyment and a friendly, fun atmosphere.

So what should  riders  expect, firstly  No Fuss,  some fine  climbs, some sweet singletrack, great gripping  descents and a whole lot of fun.  It's up to you, you can go as hard, or easy, as you like. The trail network at nevisrange has been  developed around the cross country world cup course which was built in 2007, since then there have been some great additions to the network.  The  course team will no doubt deliver another cracker of a course for 2017.

Sticking to the classic mountain bike endurance marathon format of a 10-mile lap and a 10-hour time limit, 10 Under takes place on the trails beneath Ben Nevis. 10 Under the Ben has stood the test of time and continues to attract an average of 700 riders. Racing categories include solo, pair or a quad. 

The  Outdoor Capital of the UK has a wide range  of activities and adventures to be had, we would encourage  you to make a weekend of it, why not have a go on the famous red descent at Nevisrange.

Choose your entry

Ticket type Price per Ticket How many?
Solo £40 per entry
Pair £80 per entry
Quad £140 per entry
Lochaber Chamber Quad £70 per entry

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The aim is to complete as many laps as you can in the 10 hour time limit. Teams ride in relay – there’s only one team member on the course at any one time. The event is timed using  Sportident Timing system, each team or solo will be issued with a timing card at registration, The card is worn by the team member on course. When a rider crosses the lap finish line their time is recorded, and they then pass the card onto the next team member and so on.

Riders can do as many laps (or as few) as they want in the time. After riders have passed through the timing area their lap time  is recorded, they then pass the card onto team mates or continue  if riding solo.

There will be plenty going on around the course and event village, the course itself will have marshalls at all strategic points, Muddy Medics will be on site and on the course if  assistance is needed at any point.

The race starts at 0930 on Saturday 29th of April. You must register beforehand (or the evening before) to collect your race number, timing chip and course information. Full details will be sent to entrants with participant notes in the lead up to the race.

Solo Entry £40.00 

Pair Entry £80.00

Quad Entry £140.00

We often get asked What do I get?

You will get 10  hours of top riding with like minded people doing something that we all love on some of the best trails that Scotland has to offer, no matter what the weather.

Your race times will be recorded by Sportident Electronic timing  and  full results throughout the race and results online.        Use of the facilities at Nevisrange.
Event village with great food and drink.
The best on course medics available.
On site and on course tech support.

Entertainment, "Music and Laughter with a hey hey we're the boy to entertain you" those of you  of an age may want to sing that wee  line. Perhaps 2017 may see the return of dancing lady.


There will be parking gestapo working the main sites that we are using for parking, please listen to them, they are going to get you all in! Please note there is ample parking for all participants, there is not ample space for every participant to park and have an easy up, bbq, toilet tent etc etc. We will do our best to accommodate all needs where possible. Parking for Caravanns and Larger motorhomes will be at Nevisrange. Please keep an eye on the website for updates.


There will also be portable toilets and toilet facilities at Nevis Range. There are also showers at Nevis Range which cost one pound.


The event schedule is not quite complete, here is a rough breakdown of how the day will work. We will keep you posted as the day builds.


1400 - 2100 10 Under the Ben Registration at the No Fuss Marquee at Nevis Range


0600 - 0830 Registration 10 Under the Ben

0845 Mandatory Team Captains meeting 10 Under the Ben

0930 Ten Under The Ben Race Start

All Day – Entertainment from TBA

1930 Last lap commence 10 Under the Ben

2030 Timing Closed

2100 Medal Ceremony 10 Under



Who's Coming

This is a list of entries for this event. If you think you should be here and you are not then let us know.


1) West Coast Velo  -  Janice Thomson
2) Aboyne Newmads  -  Isabel Davies
3) Tree Hugging Midgie Munchers  -  Zoe Newson
4) DR(&B)(&S)C  -  Fiona Beveridge
5) Team Breakpad  -  Liz  Peacock
6) claire pearson  -  claire pearson
7) Dirt Vixens Snodogs with Flare  -  Cherry Fairley
8) Martina Balluff   -  Martina Balluff
9) cyclehighlands.com/aboyne nomads  -  Anna Blair
10) You've been chicked  -  Debbie Spencer
11) Cat Moulton  -  Cat Moulton
12) The Wee fella  -  Richard Kelly
13) The B.O.Double-B  -  Robert Drummond
14) WaltArt / Cyclehighlands  -  Scott Sutherland-Thomson
15) Buter  -  Anton Buter
16) Aldo SWC  -  Allan  Mill
17) West Lothian Clarion  -  David Mason
18) Exo Heavy Industries RT  -  Struan Donald
19) neil sharpe  -  neil sharpe
20) Ben Wyvis CC  -  Graham Calder
21) i - Cycles  -  Keith Forsyth
22) Team MW  -  Mark Winton
23) Rock and Road Cycles  -  Kenny Young
24) Rock & Road  -  Mark Ainsworth
25) Only Me  -  Phil Middleton
26) Wii Not Fit  -  Anthony Pine
27) The Cleavland Steamer  -  Colin Leggett
28) Mountain Destroying Monkey  -  Dave Jackson
29) Team Edge  -  Roy Phillips
30) Jacko No Mates  -  Chris Jackson
31) Bloke at the back  -  Alasdair Morris
32) The Flying Squirrel  -  Phil The Power Bryan
33) Ginger_Winger  -  Ewan  Paterson
34) Racedate iOS App - Find your perfect race!  -  Tim Colebrooke
35) Yer maw's a dirty  -  Niall Pairman
36) While the wife's away..........  -  Simon Sharp
37) Bull in the Heather  -  Angus Hamilton
38) john dixon  -  john dixon
39) Sandy Wallace Cycles  -  Ronald Barker
40) HyndSportsClinic/MTBG/Bikescene/Altura  -  Jason Hynd
41) Caldwell Cycles  -  Michael Holland
42) The Fife Cycles Fan Club  -  Neil Campbell
43) team vigilante  -  gary coltman
44) young4life  -  Jimmy Young
45) Team Breakpad  -  Mike Peacock
46) Meedies Bike Club  -  Lee  Easton
47) Click add to basket  -  Rhys Lodwick
48) Pines MTB  -  Andrew Parker
49) Yellow Plastic  -  David Adams
50) Team FEB  -  Matt Cowan
51) Tartan Warrior  -  John Denovan
52) Maddos   -  David burns
53) Kendal CC  -  Richard Wood
54) Rock Support  -  Peter Christopher
55) Toby1  -  David Noble
56) Lowe Alpine  -  David Wallace
57) gravity-sports  -  Richard cowie
58) gravity-sports   -  gerard cowie
59) Redefining the term 'slow'  -  Stuart Melville
60) Crawling Man  -  Brian reilly
61) mark pearson  -  mark pearson
62) iain childs  -  iain childs
63) DDHH  -  Struan Dalgleish
64) Son of apathy  -  Adam Alexander
65) Crouching Tiger  -  Simon Krievs
66) jabbercocky  -  calum macarthur
67) KHP  -  Lewy Parkinson
68) Palisades Palaver  -  Garry Noakes
69) KTM Impsport   -  Jon Marshall
70) Chambo Chasers   -  John Chambers
71) Fit For a Fat Lad  -  Allan Kelly
72) Herbies Bikes  -  Stewart  Ferguson
73) Herbies Bikes  -  Herbie Mclean
74) Rosqo  -  Ross  Johnston
75) Herbies Bikes the Coo's Tail  -  Stevie Brown
76) Ciaran McMahon (MVS)  -  Ciaran McMahon
77) !!! SOUL VACATION DAY !!!!  -  Richard Jukes
78) Fat and Furious   -  Gav Pitts
79) Fat and furious   -  Richard Collier
80) Big Mountain Bikes  -  Paul Elliff
81) Manx MisFAT  -  Andrew Westmorland
82) Ollie  -  Ollie Lavery
83) Singlespeed Simon  -  Simon Haslam
84) Aurora   -  Chris Bradley
85) Team of one  -  Steven Gray
86) cyclehighlands.com  -  wayne Blair
87) I've been chicked   -  Alex Spencer
88) HERBIE'S HILLBILIES....   -  Roddy Weir
89) After Burner 1  -  Ron Lumgair
90) Maddos  -  Kevin Friel
91) Manx crank  -  Jeff Shipsides
92) Moonglu  -  Nick Wilkin
93) Ewen Lamont  -  Ewen Lamont
94) Martin Armstrong  -  Martin  Armstrong
95) Ben Doon  -  Dave Mitchell
96) Scott Menzies  -  Scott Menzies
97) Team Scumo999 Manx Mountain Club  -  Gary  Kirby
98) Team Scumo999 Manx Mountain Club  -  Paul  Renshaw
99) One more lap....  -  Alan Harbisher
100) lonesome lefty  -  iain main
101) Manx Cranks  -  Bob Kinvig
102) Cyclo Pro Pain  -  Ben Ulyatt
103) Too Old For This Sh*t  -  keith Jackson
104) Stirling Bike Club  -  Dieter Visser
105) The Happy Cog  -  Fraser Moore
106) theflyingpaddy  -  David Cashman
107) Team Dumb  -  Josh Shaw
108) Dalbeattie Red 5  -  Jonathan Waller
109) Hambo  -  Nick Hamilton
110) Mr B  -  Bruce Manson
111) Still game 3  -  Gordon Macallister
112) Pdiddymurphy  -  Gav Murphy
113) TSO   -  Ricky Evans
114) Duncan Clark  -  Duncan Clark
115) Mathiesonnelson34  -  Mathew Mathieson nelson


116) Princess Leah and the pea pod  -  Kim  McGuchan
117) Princess Leah and the pea pod  -  Leah Gourley
118) Kirstin and Edie   -  Edie Isobel Hemstock
119) Kirstin and Edie   -  Kirstin moynihan
120) Meg and Di's big day out  -  Diane Clayton Chisholm
121) Meg and Di's big day out  -  Meg  Spittal
122) Teesdale Tottie  -  Kate Smith
123) Teesdale Tottie  -  Louise Hamilton
124) Alikat   -  Katie Miodonski
125) Alikat   -  Alison Banford
126) Sprocket Rockets  -  Mhairi Johnston
127) Sprocket Rockets  -  Kirsty Watson
128) Derwentside Devils  -  Jemma Ridley
129) Derwentside Devils  -  Pamela Glover
130) Caithness CC   -  Andrew MacLeod
131) Caithness CC   -  Allan Shearer
132) The Unusual Suspects 2  -  Yo da
133) The Unusual Suspects 2  -  Mutts Nutts
134) Stif   -  Rob Nichol
135) Stif   -  Stu Clarke
136) Pair of Phat Boys  -  Ross Watson
137) Pair of Phat Boys  -  Iain Cormack
138) Nethy Phat boy seniors  -  George Pritchard
139) Nethy Phat boy seniors  -  Chris Godlington
140) I-Cycles Mike/Nico  -  Mike Hancock
141) I-Cycles Mike/Nico  -  Nico Hancock
142) Team Jacamo  -  Chris The Cramp Gower
143) Team Jacamo  -  Ste The Pusher Jones
144) Team jd  -  Grant Jaffrey Smith
145) Team jd  -  Jamie Daniels
146) Purple Helmet Cycles  -  Andy Bell
147) Purple Helmet Cycles  -  Graeme Duncan
148) Team Nacho  -  David  Dunn
149) Team Nacho  -  Gordon Waddell
150) Aboyne Newmads  -  Miles Newman
151) Aboyne Newmads  -  Kit Newman
152) DougJosh  -  Douglas Elliott
153) DougJosh  -  Josh Summers
154) WCV MTB  -  Jamie Wilson
155) WCV MTB  -  Alex Hamilton
156) Mukyriderz  -  Roy Cunningham
157) Mukyriderz  -  John Johnston
158) Little n large   -  Mark Logan
159) Little n large   -  James Sheridan
160) Ravenswood Racing  -  Stuart Wilson
161) Ravenswood Racing  -  Colin Duguid
162) Plan Dee  -  David Hirst
163) Plan Dee  -  Andy Bain
164) Haggis Hounds  -  Stewart  Murdoch
165) Haggis Hounds  -  Derek Mitchell
166) Fingers Crossed  -  Craig Ross
167) Fingers Crossed  -  Ross Clark
168) D A Brownwell Ride Again!  -  Andy Westwell
169) D A Brownwell Ride Again!  -  Dave Brown
170) Bearded Twat & His Pal  -  Saunders Mackay
171) Bearded Twat & His Pal  -  Muzz Mackay
172) pump-nuts  -  colin johnstone
173) pump-nuts  -  Steve Mackenzie
174) Misfitss  -  Allan Campbell
175) Misfitss  -  Douglas Hain
176) Dolphin Chuckers  -  Anthony Mann
177) Dolphin Chuckers  -  Euan Wiseman
178) Le Tour De Pants  -  Stephen Robertson
179) Le Tour De Pants  -  Marek Danielewicz
180) Mudfuds  -  Roddy Reid
181) Mudfuds  -  Ray Burr
182) Comme ci comme ca  -  Colin McMillan
183) Comme ci comme ca  -  Olivier Deschenes
184) The Elliott Boys  -  Steve Elliott
185) The Elliott Boys  -  Sam Elliott
186) Accelerando Mimm  -  Callum Cranston
187) Accelerando Mimm  -  Jimmy Thomson
188) Spokes Cycles  -  Gordon Traynor
189) Spokes Cycles  -  John Grant
190) A & E CCC 1979  -  Arron Ritchie
191) A & E CCC 1979  -  Euan Ritchie
192) Culloden Trail Riderz  -  Andy Barbour
193) Culloden Trail Riderz  -  Norman Agnew
194) Two for Ten.  -  Maurice McKeown
195) Two for Ten.  -  Peter Martin
196) Wood plant hire  -  Dan Wood
197) Wood plant hire  -  John Grant
198) Wood n spoon  -  Steven Wood
199) Wood n spoon  -  Brian Innes
200) The 2 Als  -  Alan Wakefield
201) The 2 Als  -  Mark Greig
202) Hardie Bikes/Team F**k Cancer  -  Gordon Ritson
203) Hardie Bikes/Team F**k Cancer  -  Stewart  Burke
204) herbies hillbillys   -  raymond mcphie
205) herbies hillbillys   -  richard sanderson
206) Doune Castle AFC  -  David Eccles
207) Doune Castle AFC  -  Iain Blackwood
208) Buchan Bandits  -  Malcolm Cooper
209) Buchan Bandits  -  Callum Cooper
212) Methlick Cycle Challenge  -  Keith Hendry
213) Methlick Cycle Challenge  -  Raymond  MacGourlay
214) Pedal Power RT  -  Alan Maxwell
215) Pedal Power RT  -  Jonathan  Buckley
216) Methlick Cycle Challenge 2  -  Ruairidh McAlister
217) Methlick Cycle Challenge 2  -  Niel Jordan
218) Spincycle.  -  Tony Glover
219) Spincycle.  -  Dean Ridley
220) Pullin power   -  Daniel Fitzgerald
221) Pullin power   -  Vickie Pullin
222) Spicy Bikers  -  thomas jenkins
223) Spicy Bikers  -  David Sik
224) FUD  -  Iain Baxter
225) FUD  -  Andy Miller
226) Team Wheat Bier  -  Robert Marshall
227) Team Wheat Bier  -  Nicholas Pacewicz
228) Team Misery  -  Gordon Stuart
229) Team Misery  -  William Hoynes
230) Who The What Now?  -  Cosmo Blake
231) Who The What Now?  -  Julian Cram
232) The M&M’s  -  Ross Miller
233) The M&M’s  -  Thomas McLaren
234) Team Anodoor  -  Barry Ellis
235) Team Anodoor  -  Richard Sunley
236) The little rascals  -  Gregor  lamont
237) The little rascals  -  Ewan Watson
238) Trump's Chumps  -  Bob Gray
239) Trump's Chumps  -  Dave Hunter
240) Where's Dick?  -  David Miller
241) Where's Dick?  -  Ross Allan
242) Clydey Pops and Toothy Chops  -  John Clyde
243) Clydey Pops and Toothy Chops  -  Stuart Logan
244) Chasin Sunshine  -  Colin Maclean
245) Chasin Sunshine  -  Paul Borrowman
246) Twa Bog Loupers  -  Bill  Turner
247) Twa Bog Loupers  -  Archie Jonstone
248) Feckless & Gormless  -  Ben  Taylor
249) Feckless & Gormless  -  Ceiran Watson
250) Team DD  -  Danny Kennard
251) Team DD  -  David Macleod
252) DCC  -  Thomas Mein
253) DCC  -  Fin Robertson
254) Tyne Tees  -  John Mein
255) Tyne Tees  -  Richard  Atkinson
256) StileCopMTB  -  John Darroch
257) StileCopMTB  -  John Buchan
258) The Unusual Suspects 1  -  Flying  Squirrel
259) The Unusual Suspects 1  -  Kee Wee
260) Radlines  -  Christine Fox
261) Radlines  -  Andy Weir
262) The happy Wednesday's  -  Debbie Larnach
263) The happy Wednesday's  -  Paul Ovenstone
264) Ibis/Goldtec mojohojos  -  Darren MOORE
265) Ibis/Goldtec mojohojos  -  ALISON MOORE
266) There they go again...  -  Benjamin Ross
267) There they go again...  -  Christine Campbell
268) GMBC/TheCycleJersey/BaseCampBikes  -  Eilidh Wells
269) GMBC/TheCycleJersey/BaseCampBikes  -  Thomas Wylie
270) Team MacHobbers   -  Vanessa  Hobday
271) Team MacHobbers   -  Andrew MacGillivray
272) BWCC pair  -  James Robertson
273) BWCC pair  -  Anna Fraser
274) Jenny and Husband  -  Mark Gray
275) Jenny and Husband  -  Jenny Gray
276) Chafing the dream  -  Matt Girvan
277) Chafing the dream  -  Karen Fletcher
278) Bite the rust  -  Ian Godber
279) Bite the rust  -  Jenny  Ballantyne
280) Tits on fire  -  Jamie Brady
281) Tits on fire  -  Jackie  Brady
282) Crunchie Danger Haystacks   -  Alasdair Robertson
283) Crunchie Danger Haystacks   -  Cassandra Hunter
284) The Cougar and the Cub  -  Krista Middleton
285) The Cougar and the Cub  -  Greg Walker
286) mleh bird and hawtstuff  -  Peter Devlin
287) mleh bird and hawtstuff  -  Roberta  Walker
288) High-Specks  -  Euan Ryan
289) High-Specks  -  Derryth Wilkinson


290) Ride like a girl  -  Krysia Smith
291) Ride like a girl  -  Rachel Roberts
292) Ride like a girl  -  Lindsay Quayle
293) Ride like a girl  -  Kim Rand
294) OMGirls  -  Marie Porter
295) OMGirls  -  Marie Porter
296) OMGirls  -  Raeanne Miller
297) OMGirls  -  Christina Wood
298) Dogtanian and the Three Sprocketeers  -  Fraser Nicol
299) Dogtanian and the Three Sprocketeers  -  John Shepherd
300) Dogtanian and the Three Sprocketeers  -  Ross Baddon
301) Dogtanian and the Three Sprocketeers  -  Tim Featherstone
302) Mud Sweat and Teens  -  Finton Price
303) Mud Sweat and Teens  -  Ross Birrell
304) Mud Sweat and Teens  -  Louis Moore
305) Mud Sweat and Teens  -  Duncan Crawford
306) Flying Fifties  -  Calvin Price
307) Flying Fifties  -  Derek Dobbins
308) Flying Fifties  -  John Worthington
309) Flying Fifties  -  Stephen Crawford
310) Junior Dirt Riders  -  Duncan Whitton
311) Junior Dirt Riders  -  Connor Morris
312) Junior Dirt Riders  -  John Brookhouse
313) Junior Dirt Riders  -  Sam Skellern
314) Some Old Guys  -  George  Maitland
315) Some Old Guys  -  David Wilson
316) Some Old Guys  -  Johnny Maitland
317) Some Old Guys  -  Iain Martin
318) Dick (Chain)ey and the Cassettes  -  Scott Murdoch
319) Dick (Chain)ey and the Cassettes  -  Alan Daye
320) Dick (Chain)ey and the Cassettes  -  David Wilson
321) Dick (Chain)ey and the Cassettes  -  Gordon Cameron
322) Frank the Tank  -  Brendan McAuley
323) Frank the Tank  -  David Aitken
324) Frank the Tank  -  Stewart  Mitchell
325) Frank the Tank  -  Lorna  Mitchell
326) Ben's Baps  -  Ben Hodder
327) Ben's Baps  -  Daniel Miller
328) Ben's Baps  -  John Davey
329) Ben's Baps  -  Paul Jeffrey
330) Mr Tumble Factory Race Team  -  Jim Mackenzie
331) Mr Tumble Factory Race Team  -  Jamie Mackenzie
332) Mr Tumble Factory Race Team  -  Neil Harris
333) Mr Tumble Factory Race Team  -  Shaun Holden
334) 3C+1  -  Miller Crombie
335) 3C+1  -  Sam Chisholm
336) 3C+1  -  George Freeman
337) 3C+1  -  Andrew Leinster
338) The Skidmarkers  -  Rishikesan Ramaesh
339) The Skidmarkers  -  Andrew Beck
340) The Skidmarkers  -  Gavin Third
341) The Skidmarkers  -  Ged Manning
346) Muppet Partners in Grime  -  Steve  Morris
347) Muppet Partners in Grime  -  Nigel Whitton
348) Muppet Partners in Grime  -  Ruth Morris
349) Muppet Partners in Grime  -  Rhian Whitton
350) Moray Mountain Bike Club - Team JACK  -  Alan MacBeth
351) Moray Mountain Bike Club - Team JACK  -  Colin McRae
352) Moray Mountain Bike Club - Team JACK  -  Kerry Main
353) Moray Mountain Bike Club - Team JACK  -  John McMulkin
354) Gentle Elk  -  Jackie Mason
355) Gentle Elk  -  Mike Mason
356) Gentle Elk  -  Abbie Mason
357) Gentle Elk  -  Finn Mason
358) Bespoke Falkirk  -  Richard Barton
359) Bespoke Falkirk  -  Nina Saunders
360) Bespoke Falkirk  -  Steven Wallace
361) Bespoke Falkirk  -  Dave Bennet
362) Team Dumb  -  James Fowler
363) Team Dumb  -  Jason MacDonald
364) Team Dumb  -  Keri McCully
365) Team Dumb  -  Pav Pavloski


Rules and Regulations

It is important that you and your teammates and support crew read these very carefully. Each lap is approximately 10 miles -under 1 hour for the fastest riders, nearly 2 hours for those who are new to the sport or are just that wee bit more careful. The courses will consist of a bit of everything, including wide single track, narrow single track with rocks, roots, mud, fast flowing single track, low gear uphill’s, water crossings, technical ascents and descents, plus fire roads. The event is for solo riders and for teams in a relay format.


1. Mandatory pre-event meeting at 0830 on Saturday for all team captains/team leaders, although all riders and crew are encouraged to attend. Teams must designate a captain/ team leader (this will be understood to be first name entered in team) to handle all official matters including pre event meeting, picking up registration packs, making sure all teammates have correct numbers and have completed any paperwork etc.

2. Each team and solo rider will bear responsibility for their timing. In order for laps to count riders must pass through the transition area and use the chips correctly every time a lap is completed.

3. Waiting riders should always check in with transition officials prior to starting their lap. Please adhere to the NO RIDE RULES in transition areas. Riders should only use solo riders area if they are in that class.

4. If a team member wishes to do two laps in a row it essential that they still ‘dib’ when passing through transition.

5. Each team member and solo rider must complete a minimum of one lap. Teams will be penalised a lap for each lap not completed by each member except in the case of any injury, which must be reported to race official who will make final decision.

6. If a team member cannot complete his or her lap, the team has the option of starting the lap over with a new rider. They will however, lose the distance and time of the uncompleted lap. The replacement rider must check in with timing official prior to starting the lap.

7. For obvious safety reasons there is no reverse riding on the course.

8. Teammates may cannibalise each other’s bikes or swap if necessary. Riders may accept mechanical support on the course by any other registered rider; transition and camp areas is the only area where assistance from support crews is acceptable.

9. Riders may accept food and water from anyone on the course.

10. We strongly suggest that each team and solo rider have a support crew of at least 1 or 2 persons who are not taking part to assist with various jobs such as organsing transitions, cooking and assisting with mechanical problems.

11. Bike wash areas will be available at each event. Toilets and showers will be available throughout the weekend. Please use the toilets provided.

12. If you are planning camping please be aware that there is limited space in the car park at Nevis Range. The ground is almost all hard standing and not easy to get pegs in. Space is allocated at a first come, first serve basis. Camping will also be available at Torlundy Farm, which is around 2 miles cycle on an old forestry access road (tarred).

13. You will need all your own camping supplies. A variety of food (hot and cold meals, soup and snacks) will be available for purchase at the transition area Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Check website for event specific updates.

14. Riders may require lights, which must be at least 4 watts and be secured to bikes or helmet. NO FUSS will have final say when lights should be used.

15. If lighting is required it will be against the rules for riders to ride with their lights out to save batteries. Riders violating this rule will have their current lap nullified.

16. Only riders officially entered in the event or designated as “Official Course Marshals” may ride the designated course.

17. Wearing a buckled helmet is mandatory anytime you are on your bike in the race area (not just when it is your lap).

18. All team captains and solo riders must attend pre-race meeting at 0830 on the Saturday

19. Ignorance of any rule will not be accepted as an excuse.

20. Foul riding will not be tolerated, unsportsmanlike behaviour is totally un-acceptable. This includes the use of profane or abusive language, this rule is taken very seriously by No Fuss and anyone who violates this rule shall be disqualified from this and any future No Fuss events.

21. Shortcutting the course can be grounds for automatic disqualification of the solo rider or the entire team. If a rider makes a mistake and they report to officials before it is discovered, a time adjustment will be applied rather than a DQ.

22. Riders who are riding their bikes have the right of way over those who are pushing their bikes. Where practical, riders pushing should stay on the least rideable portion of the trail when being passed. Riders are encouraged to call pleasantly “passing on the right or left” as appropriate.

23. All protests must be made by a team captain to a No Fuss Official ( Frazer, Spook or Fiona). Protests can be made throughout the event and up to 15 mins after the final results are posted. It would be appreciated if any protests could be made respectfully to the officials. No Fuss officials say is final in all protests.

24. Safety on the course is our primary concern. If you come across an injured rider or a potentially unsafe situation, you are encouraged to stop and assist. If you stop to give assistance for a health and safety related reason, you should report your number to a passing rider who will turn it in to the transition official so that your team’s next rider may commence their lap. You must then complete your lap, report to the transition official and report the nature of the assistance you provided and an approximate duration of your stop. You will be assigned a lap time in accordance with your or your teams average times, whichever is the faster. NB Time adjustments are made by a No Fuss official and are final. NOTE This rule applies to ONLY health and safety concerns and not mechanical failure.

25. Dropping of Litter on the course will absolutely not be tolerated and may result in DQ. Leave only tyre tracks!

26. The NO FUSS OFFICIALS (FRAZER, SPOOK ) will be given the final decision regarding any occurrence at the event including those not addressed in the rules.