Orange Tour de Ben Nevis - September 11 2010

WELCOME to the No Fuss ultimate MTB challenge for endurance athletes and people with a sense of adventure.

The event is about circumnavigating Ben Nevis starting from Fort William the Outdoor Capital of the UK. It is a 61km journey of discovery about our wonderful environment, about yourself and for some we have no doubt, about your bike.

Please download the competitor handbook here - PDF 1 Meg.

It is an opportunity to ride through some of the most rugged and isolated areas that the Highlands have to offer. The course is undulating and varied with river and stream crossings, climbs and long descents.
This is one of the country’s longest point to point events; this course has been described as MTB Endurance and a Mountain Marathon race all rolled into one. It is tough but it is achievable.
However we stress, this is more of an event than a race. Those that are super fit and want to race hard will not be disappointed and the special timed sections will spice it up a bit and really bring out the competitors from within. Those who see this as a major personal challenge will be able to pace themselves and enjoy the history, adventure, and wilderness of this remote area.
The course will not be littered with signage and support people, it will be left as untouched as possible to allow you to enjoy this environment in its natural state. With this comes some personal responsibility, which is a big part of the event ethos. We are taking the bubble-wrapping away and letting you take on this event knowing that you will need motivation and tenacity to get to the finish line.

There will be no official bike checks, no cotton wool, just you taking on this challenge on your own terms.


The event although on continuous route has been broken down into 10 Stages with participants having an opportunity to score points on the five special stages. The winner will be the person with fastest cumulative time and the highest points combined.

Stage 1 The first stage is a time trial with riders departing at 15 second intervals. The start is in Fort William will see rider climb for 3km to the highest point at 230m and then circumnavigating the hill back to Lundavra in total 8km.

Stage 2 Rider Leave Lundavra on the tarred road through Blarmachfoldach and then joining the West Highland Way and heading towards Kinlochleven. In Total this is a 16km stage with the highest point being at 330m

Stage 3 The second of the days special stages will see riders timed over a 220m technical descent over 1.4 km into Kinlochleven.

Stage 4 A 14km stage with an initial climb out of Kinlochleven of 400m will see riders again head of into the wilderness along the side of Loch Eilde Mor and Loch Eilde Beag to Luibielt

Stage 5 The third of the day’s special stages and back to the early days of the sport a 5.7 km section of rugged open hillside which will inevitably see riders off the bike and carrying sections to the top of the col before a rugged mountain descent to Larig Bothy. The climb is 250m over 2.5km and will take participants to the highest point of the day at 590m

Stage 6 the next stage is a cracking 7km mountain track descents losing just under 400m of altitude.

Stage 7 After two tough sections secton 7 will see rider finally turn for home with a 7km journey back towards Fort William via Nevis Range.

Section 8 The fourth of the days timed stages with rider having the opportunity to compare themselves alongside the worlds greatest. The final 1 Km of the world famous Fort William Downhill course.

Section 9 The penultimate leg a 9.5km run from Nevis Range back to Fort William.

Section 10 The final stage of the day will see riders tackle a 2km trail before the final descent back to Fort William Town Centre.

Who's Coming

This is a list of entries for this event. If you think you should be here and you are not then let us know.

Solo Sen Male

1) Arson Fire  -  Douglas Drysdale
2) iPlod  -  Euain Drysdale
3) Hillbilly Hacker  -  Kristan Rivers
4) TBC  -  BJ Doherty
5) Descent Gent  -  Hugh Dennis
6) WiVo  -  will voce
7) Iain Stevenson  -  Iain Stevenson
8) smpryr  -  Sam Pryor
9) Dirt School  -  Chris Ball
10) Team Duggie Style  -  Douglas  Watson
11) cyclewise altura  -  daniel ginesi
12) FDC  -  Iain Chalmers
13) LapDog  -  Nick Hughes
14) Perth City Cycles  -  John McLaggan
15) Uplift Scotland  -  Andrew Young
16) Tread Hunters  -  tom ownsworth
17)  -  Steve Larking
18) Edinburgh University CC  -  Stuart Gilfillan
19) Baroudeur  -  Niall Shannon
20) You can't call your team that!   -  Neil Hodgins
21) Toryglen Velo  -  Matthew  Rae
22) Uplift Scotland  -  Craig Erskine
23) MTB Guisborough  -  Rory Spence
24) Crasher Campbell  -  David Campbell
25) Pretty Sweet  -  David Martin
26) Uplift Scotland  -  Andy Marshall
27) Pretty Sweet  -  Callum Martin
28) Pretty Sweet  -  David Waugh
29) The Esworp  -  James Prowse
30) Stu Summerside  -  Stewart Summerside
31) Lochaber Broom Wagon  -  Nick McArdle
32) Singletrack to ruin  -  Phil Hulse
33) Ruari Watt  -  Ruari Watt
34) Slameuk  -  Jamie Laycock
35) moray mountain bike club / Fanylion Racing  -  Gavin Belton
36) James  -  James Montgomery
37) Big Dave  -  Dave Harcourt
38) Spad  -  Barry Reid
39) Uplift Scotland  -  Robert Richmond
40) p°wered by schm°  -  somhairle macdonald
41) The Texas Typist  -  Andrew Kindness
42) erc  -  greig walker
43) Skitearooski  -  Roy Simpson
44) The Lost Weedgie  -  Graeme Corner
45) paulww  -  Paul West-Watson
46) Need a Ride?  -  Edward Blum
47) RR racing  -  Scott Laughland
48) edwards  -  scott edwards

Solo Sen Female

49) The Pompom  -  Mandy Prowse
50) Lanterne Rouge!  -  Joanne Neilson
51) Emma   -  Emma Holgate
52) ABC's lone lady  -  Jayne Taylor
53) Bike Shop Hexham  -  Susan Rigby

Solo Vet Male

54) 4th Bramhall Scouts  -  Andrew Brown
55) whatwasithinking  -  Steve Mackenzie
56) Slow'n'Dirty  -  Dave Crosbee
57) RNRMMC  -  Jonathan Foden
58) Here comes Bod  -  Austen Bodie
59) i-cycles  -  Duncan Nisbet
60) beammeupscotty  -  mark scott
61) hill surfer  -  frank peet
62) Beware of the Dawg!  -  Tommy Ross
63) Marky Brain  -  Mark Brain
64) Easily Distracted  -  Paul Carter
65) i cycles  -  Steven Deas
66) Kiwis cant Fly  -  Chris Sinclair
67) dbsc  -  Chris Farrell
68) Clootie Dumpling  -  Sean Stone
69) NACC-ered  -  Dougie Muirhead
70) Diamond Power  -  Davie Allan
71) W Allan  -  William Allan
72) Edinburgh Triathletes  -  Joel Sylvester
73) Orange Juice - MMBC  -  Jim Barron
74) oetkb  -  david menzies
75) the bike shop hexham  -  david lonsdale
76) Billy  -  Adam Coldwells
77) Ridley  -  James Ridley
78) Edinburgh RC  -  Ken Russell
79) Gripped and Sorted  -  Mark  Higginbottom
80) Hollow Head  -  Keith Brown
81) Magical Trevor  -  Trevor Bechtel
82) Walkers Cycling  -  Peter Forsythe
83) just me and a gear  -  Neil  Scott

Solo Vet Female

84) Moray Minx Girl - The Bike Chain  -  Jo Cardwell

Solo S Vet Male

85) Texas Tornado  -  Steve Williams
86) Big D  -  Derek Potter
87) Inspired by J  -  Kim Cameron
88) Walkers Cycle Club  -  Martin Kuhn

Pair Sen Male

89) Wingnuts  -  Justin Busschau
90) Wingnuts  -  Reinart Venter
91) Trailbrakes  -  Ally Wight
92) Trailbrakes  -  Pete  Corson
93) Flatliners  -  Blair McKellar
94) Flatliners  -  David Rolwegan
95) Collective Training  -  Tom Durham
96) Collective Training  -  Craig Borland
99) shake n bake  -  Andy Miller
100) shake n bake  -  Paul Allan
101) Big and Small  -  ANDREW WEBSTER
102) Big and Small  -  NEIL  LITTLE
103) Dalbeattie dynamos  -  john stitt
104) Dalbeattie dynamos  -  jamie mcculloch
105) the chuckle brothers  -  dave moore
106) the chuckle brothers  -  alan moore
107) Hyde N Cox  -  Bobert Hyde
108) Hyde N Cox  -  Craig Cox
109)  -  Ian Cowe
110)  -  Matt Young

Pair Sen Mixed

111) Proof shes not under the patio!  -  Davie  Robb
112) Proof shes not under the patio!  -  Nina Robb
113) Beauty and the Beast!  -  TRACEY cashman
114) Beauty and the Beast!  -  DAVID CASHMAN

Pair Vet Male

115) dick and dom  -  Steve  broadhurst
116) dick and dom  -  Dominic  Sermanni
117) Wingfitt  -  Mark Murfitt
118) Wingfitt  -  Cliff Wing
119) Dechy Boys  -  Graham Menzies
120) Dechy Boys  -  Keith Melton
121) young and old  -  keith dingwall
122) young and old  -  grant key
123) Silver foxes  -  Gareth Roberts
124) Silver foxes  -  Niall Colquhoun
125) ABC - Left - other left!  -  Mike Milne
126) ABC - Left - other left!  -  Mike Webster
127) Ant and Deck Builder  -  Rab Hill
128) Ant and Deck Builder  -  Ant Mayer
129) Last Bid for Freedom  -  Robin Smith
130) Last Bid for Freedom  -  Simon Grey

Pair Vet Mixed

131) Team Swirrl  -  Bill Roberts
132) Team Swirrl  -  Dot Roberts
133) Dulnain Bridge Garage  -  Duncan Clark
134) Dulnain Bridge Garage  -  Katrina  Jennings
135) fassfern 2  -  John  Sutherland
136) fassfern 2  -  Lesley  Adam Prosser
137) Moray Monsters  -  Callum Sword
138) Moray Monsters  -  Roberta Walker
139) MadMacWolf  -  Marcus Valente
140) MadMacWolf  -  Alison Sturrock
141) Don't Hassle The Hoffs  -  Gina Hough
142) Don't Hassle The Hoffs  -  Nick Hough

Pair S Vet Male

143) Bionicon UK / Walkers Cycling Club  -  Steve Flindall
144) Bionicon UK / Walkers Cycling Club  -  Steven Lockhart


Race Rules

Read carefully: Non compliance with any of the Race Rules will result in disqualification of the competitor from this event.
• Approved cycle helmets must be worn at all times.
• Road rules apply at all times, on all private or public roads during this event.
• Riders must not ride more than two abreast on any Highway
• Riders must ride in single file if impending vehicle traffic behind you.
• Competitors must keep as far left as possible at all times, on all roads and tracks to ensure sufficient and safe passing.
• Competitors must not deviate from the obvious track or attempt to take shortcuts.
• Drafting is permitted.
• Any competitor withdrawing from the race must inform a Race Marshal at the first possible opportunity after the decision to withdraw is made.
• Competitors must know how to fix basic mechanical breakdowns (chain break and repair flat tyres).
• You are not permitted to alter or cut the event number plate in any way.
• Event officials reserve the right to remove any competitor if they consider they are not capable of safely completing the event.
• Please do not leave any rubbish along the route. All food wrappers drink bottles, tubes etc must be carried to the finish line and not discarded anywhere along the route except at the Aid Stations.
• Anyone seen discarding rubbish will be disqualified and will not receive a time or position as applicable (take memories or photos but leave tyre marks only).
• Participants must avoid stock if possible and all gates must be left as they are found.
• No outside assistance is allowed by support crews to any competitor and no supporters will be allowed to follow riders on the course.
• Competitors must read the pre race course briefing notes supplied at registration.
• Competitors must obey instructions from Marshals at all times. They are there for everyone’s safety and enjoyment.
• you are not allowed to swap bikes. You must finish on the bike you start on, unless you have had a major breakdown and use a rescue bike from the tail end charlie vehicle.
• To receive a finishers' medal you must complete the entire course under you own steam.
• Teams are not permitted to use any sort of towing device except for towing a team member that has damaged their bike to the point that it cannot be self propelled.
• For Team category all team members must cross the finish line together for the team to qualify as having completed the challenge and for merit prizes if applicable.
• The last team member across the line will be recorded as the team time.
• Compulsory gear as per the list below must be carried or will result in disqualification.
• Entries are not transferable. We need to know who is on the course and what medical conditions you may have so we can deliver the appropriate response in the event of an accident.

Compulsory Gear
• 2 tubes or a puncture repair kit
• Tyre leavers
• Pump
• Multi tool
• Chain breaker (learn how to use it please)
• Poly prop / Thermal layer top and bottoms
• Serious waterproof jacket
• First Aid kit (gauze squares, tape, an elastic crepe bandage, sunscreen, anti-chaff cream, insect repellent).
• Whistle in case you go over a bank, break a leg and no one can see you.
• Survival blanket in case you are there for some time whistling.
• At least one water bottle and sufficient food to meet your individual energy needs for 5-10 hours of riding.
NOTE: Please comply with the gear requirements. We take your personal safety seriously and do not want to inconvenience you with gear and bike checks to ensure you have complied with the race rules. Help us to help you.

Recommended Gear
For cold weather
• Poly prop / Thermal beanie
• Full finger gloves
• Shoe covers

Personal Checks
To enjoy this event you need to be able to keep moving for about 5-10 hours. The fastest time is expected to be around 6 Hours and up to 10 for those ones trying to get the most value from their entry fee.
You don’t want to carry too much gear so consider carefully the clothing you need and your food requirements.
The weather can change quickly from extremely hot to snowing in a matter of hours, so study the weather forecasts and plan for the worst case scenario from that.
The water in the river crossings will also be drinkable

Aid Stations
There will be three Aid Stations along the course.
Aid Station 1 Blarmachfoldoch
Aid Station 2 Kinlochleven
Aid Station 3 Luibielt
Aid Station 4 Nevis range
Aid Station 5 Town section

At Aid Stations 1/2/3/4/5/ there will be:
NB Participants will have an option at points 1, 2 and 4 to take a 15min timeout that will not count in the cumulative time.
• Self service water
• Electrolyte sports drink to top up your bottles
• Bananas
• Energy bars
• Shelter
• Toilets
• First aid
• Mechanical assistance

Food & Drink
Additional tickets Prize Giving meals are available for family and friends by ordering from the entry page.
Recommended for All Riders
Drink: There are numerous stream crossings that contain safe water. energy drink will be available from the aid stations.
Food: Please carry and consume enough to get you through the event.

Cut Off Times
For safety reasons we are unfortunately obliged to enforce a cut off time for this years event. The cut off time will be at the Kinlochleven and Luibelt If you do not reach this point 1300 and 1530 respectively then you will be officially withdrawn from the event.
If you past these points before cut of time. We will wait for you to finish, so long as you are making every effort to keep moving.
Prize giving will start on time and any competitor not finished will unfortunately miss out on this part of the event.
If your name is called for a spot prize it will be retained for you.

Route Markings / Hazards
There are numerous unmarked hazards on this course, as there should be with a wilderness adventure of this nature. Potholes, rocks, stock, rutted tracks, steep descents, banks etc are all part of what is required to be negotiated by the competitor.
Any hazards outside of those expected will be identified and marked accordingly to ensure your safety. The Course Coordinator does not anticipate any such hazards requiring identification to be on course baring some unexpected natural event pre race start.
The course will not be marked with directional arrows except at critical junctions. The tracks do not lend themselves to taking the wrong path but where there is major deviation from the track you are on, it will be marked accordingly. It will not be a navigational test.

Event Safety Information
When you are in this environment YOU are the person primarily responsible for your own safety. We will try to limit the event infrastructure so that it will not be too noticeable during this event so you can enjoy the course with minimal interference.
You will be a long way from home so you need to ensure that you:
• Carry the compulsory gear as per the race rules
• Ensure you have a well maintained bike
• Have trained sufficiently to ride the distance and stay focused on the hazards and your own needs for food and water.
• Ensure you complete, on the entry form, any specific medical condition you have that may affect your well being and or treatment.
• If you come across an accident, you must stop and give all reasonable care that you can, while sending someone forward (not back) to the nearest Marshal for help. The Marshal will call in the situation to the Event Safety Manager so that we can get expert help on the scene as soon as possible.
• We will have first aid trained Marshals situated throughout the course, in the tail-end-Charlie vehicle and at the finish line.

Event Safety will be managed by No Fuss Events

Cancellation / Refunds
Cancellation and course alteration
In case of event cancellation visit our web site.
The alternate event day is the Sunday following the official race day.
An alternate course may be put in place by the Course Director in case of extreme weather and this will involve a to and from course.
There will be no refunds in the case of course alterations or a complete cancellation.
Any competitor withdrawals and refund requests are to be made in writing to: