Glen Nevis River Race - July 20 2013


Entry Fee = £30. 

The Glen Nevis River Race is an extreme challenge involving participants navigating through the icy waters of a two-mile stretch of the River Nevis on an air-bed (Lilo). The intrepid adventurers begin by launching themselves off a small ledge on a rock face, plunging into the freezing waters of the River Nevis below. The rules are clear: participants have to follow the deepest course of the river through rocks and rapids, whilst negotiating major obstacles like the Gurgling Gorge, Dead Dog Pool, the Leg Breaker and the Lower Falls Leap, finishing in the calmer waters further down the glen.  Click HERE to find out Aaron Miller, a travel journalist from the Guardian's experience.

No Fuss are delighted to be involved in this iconic event, it gives us an opportunity to work with volunteer organisation Lochaber Mountain Rescue team and to assist them in raising funds.  We ask that all participants raise £100 pounds for the LMRT. All of the No Fuss team have participated in the race in years gone by and loved it.

In a successful thirty year run, from 1973 to 2003, the Glen Nevis River Race enjoyed a high media and public profile as an awe inspiring spectacle. It is unique challenge (undertaken in the past by the likes of Blue Peter’s John Noakes, musician and TV presenter Dougie Vipond and star of TV’s Taggart, Blair Duff) and is a worthy fundraising event.  All funds raised go to Lochaber Mountain Rescue, the UK’s busiest winter mountain rescue team. Since the events re-introduction in 2008 it has attracted a lot of media attention with Rory and Paddy participating as part of their great adventure in 2009 and CNN covering the event for their Business In programme in 2010.

More than 3000 people have taken part in the event’s thirty-year history, raising thousands of pounds for the Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team based in Fort William. Every competitor is expected to raise his or her own sponsorship and in the past some individuals have raised over £1000. The first race raised a mere £25.00 barely covering a pair of climbing boots and the final race in 2003 raised in the region of £10,000 which helped to cover some of the cost of running the team for a year.

The Glen Nevis River Race offers an achievable challenge to elite athletes as well as those weekend warriors who use the fantastic landscape in the Outdoor Capital for mountain biking, climbing, walking, kayaking and skiing. We urge those keen to take part to sign up as soon as possible so they can start fundraising ahead of the race.

The Glen Nevis River Race is a timed event and the time taken to complete the hazardous course it totally dependant on the water levels on the day. As a result times have varied from around twenty minutes to over an hour.

Competitors have to be kitted out in wetsuits, crash helmets, buoyancy aids (a number of these will be available to hire, please email for more information) and suitable footwear. While flippers and other swimming aids are banned athletes must have an inflatable craft without sides (lilo) so spectators can expect to see a vast array of inflatable paraphenalia including sheep, crocodiles and whales and possibly even a blow up woman or two! Fancy dress on top of a wetsuit is also an option – anything goes in Fort William!


Fort William is located on the A82 approximately 100 miles north of Glasgow.

From the South
As you enter Fort William from the South, follow the bypass/A82 and at the mini roundabout go straight on into Glen Nevis, follow the road for 5 miles.

From the North
Drive towards the town centre, at the mini roundabout take a left into Glen Nevis and follow the road for 5 miles.

Please Park in the designated parking.

This event takes place in one of the most scenic areas of Scotland and Fort William town will hopefully provide you with everything and more that you will need for your stay.
If we can assist please do not hesitate to contact us.

At registration you will be required to sign a disclaimer and collect your numbered bib to wear throughout the race.

Safety and First Aid
Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team will be providing event safety cover and first aid .

All competitors will need to wear a 3mm full wetsuit.  Shorty's or long johns will no be enough simply from a protection point of view.
All competitors will need to use a Buoyancy aid designed for river use. 50N minimum all BAs will be float tested on the morning of the race at check in.

- All competitors will need to wear a helmet designed for white water. CE EN 1385 Standard.
- It is advised that competitors wear knee and elbow pads
- It is advised that competitors wear training shoes with a sturdy sole. Walking boot are not recommended as the sole is too tough and slippery on the rocks.  Pumps and neoprene boots have too thin a sole and don't provide enough protection.
- All competitors will be expected to watch a video of last years event so they understand what they are taking part in.
- All competitors will be expected to listen and understand the safety talk.
- All competitors will be expected to sign the declaration of risk.

Event Timetable
10:00 Race Registration Opens
12:30 Race Registration Closes
12:30 Race Briefing (Race Briefing is compulsory any
participant not at briefing will not be allowed to start)
12:45 Marshall and Safety Briefing
14:00 Race Starts (Participant set off at 30 second intervals)(Please
note it is the participants responsibility to be at the start at their
designated time)
16:00 Awards and Prizes

(Prize Giving on completion estimated time 16.00)

Who's Coming

This is a list of entries for this event. If you think you should be here and you are not then let us know.

Solo Sen Male

1) Smeegarn  -  Paul Tryner
2) One Life....Drown It  -  Steve Graham
3) One Life....Drown It  -  Craig McMahon
4) The mountain Factor  -  Alexy Butler
5)    -  David Lund
6) Manfat  -  Chris Moffatt
7) Bury Canoe and Kayak Club  -  Nathan Garnett
8) LUKE GARDEN  -  Stuart Fraser
9) LUKE GARDEN  -  Gordon Bellshaw
10) The Beesh Knees Baeysh  -  Pete Scullion
11) LDC  -  Chris Hurley
12) LDC  -  Nigel Moss
13) Slippery when wet....  -  michael medlock
14) Slippery when wet....  -  andrew noble
15) Slippery when wet....  -  alan  edington
16) Team Logjam  -  Garry Freckleton
17) logjam  -  Philip Grant
18) logjam  -  Matthew Grant
19) Fish Food  -  Tom Worsley
20) Fish Food  -  Will Hogg
21) Little Odd  -  Richard Ainscough
22) Team Aillie  -  Chris  White
23) Fish Food  -  Luke Thomson
24) Osama Bin Lilo  -  Ben Lyden
25) Osama Bin Lilo  -  Maxim Hall
26) Osama Bin Lilo  -  Tom Jeffcoate
27) Osama Bin Lilo  -  Dan Lyden
28) Team Logjam  -  JOHN ANDERSON
29) Minge  -  Sam Coombes
30) Team Drake  -  Paul Drake
31) Team Drake  -  Steve Jackson
32) Osama Bin Lilo  -  James Padfield
33) Osama Bin Lilo  -  Gary Eagle
34) Team Bang  -  Liam Browning
35) Rapid Burns  -  Scott Martin
36) Team Bang  -  Scott Muirhead
37) marshans  -  Mark Marshall
38) Alyn  -  Alyn Smith MEP
40) White Water Wimps  -  Ben Robertson
41) Osama Bin Lilo  -  Mark Harrison
42) Kathmandu Croquet Club  -  Alasdair Alston
43) Kathmandu Croquet Club  -  Daniel Alston

Solo Sen Female

44) Moff  -  Emma Moffatt
45) LUKE GARDEN  -  Taylor Jeffrey
46) Slippery when wet....  -  polly edington
47) Fish Food  -  Kersti Worsley
48) Big Odd  -  Rebecca  Dearden
49) Team Bang  -  Clare Russell
50) White Water Wimps  -  Meg Hobson

Solo Sen Mixed

51) Team Bang  -  Andrew Windsor

Solo Vet Male

52) Smeegarn  -  Al Barnard
53) LDC  -  Keith Holdt
54) LDC  -  Bill Atkinson
55) LDC  -  Gus McFarlane
56) Fish Food  -  Simon Rickaby
57) Rapid Burns  -  Ian Stevenson
58) PJs big adventure  -  john robson
59) PJs big adventure  -  peter beaumont

Solo S Vet Male

60) Smeegarn  -  Steve Price
61) LDC  -  Ken Hills
62) Team Aillie  -  Les White


Conditions and Rules of Entry for Competitors
1. All competitors must be over 18 years of age.
2. All competitors must raise a minimum of £100.00 in form of sponsorship for
Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team. This should be deposited to the Rescue Team
Treasurer up to, but no later than seven days after the event.
3. All competitors must wear crash helmet and buoyancy aid.
4. All competitors must use an inflatable craft without sides i.e. an airbed.
5. All competitors must wear a full wetsuit and suitable footwear.
6. The deepest course of the river must be followed throughout the race.
7. Walking in shallow sections is permitted.
8. Mandatory pre event meeting for all competitors will take place. Briefing and
equipment inspection will take place.
9. All competitors are responsible for ensuring they are aware of all rules and
conditions of entry.
10. Toilets provided must be used.
11. Unsportsperson like behaviour is totally unacceptable, this includes the use of
profane or abusive language
12. All protests must be made to a No Fuss official (Frazer, Spook or Fiona). Protests
can be made throughout the event and up to 15 minutes after final results are
posted. It would be appreciated if any protest could be made respectfully to the
official. No Fuss officials say is final in all protests.
13. The No Fuss Officials (Frazer, Spook and Fiona) will be given the final decision
regarding any occurrence at the event including those not addressed in the rules.
14. Enjoy yourself!